Literary Fiction

High road

High Road

By David Chauner

The second chance Kurt Dufour needs comes in the form of an unusual opportunity to channel his gifted athletic talent into a spot on a fledgling Tour de France team directed by Otto Warner, an aging ex-teammate of Kurt’s father who desperately needs to find an American superstar.


Finding Flipper Frank

By Patrick M. Garry
mazie 1

Mazie Baby

By Julie Frayn
henry's re-entry

Henry’s Re-Entry

By Welcome Cole
the hour

The Hour of Parade

By Alan Bray

Then Like the Blind Man

By Freddie Owens

Orbie is a nine-year-old whose father died in a tragic incident at the steel mill where he worked, an incident blamed on a black worker’s carelessness.


Bronze (The Glister Journals)

By B. B. Shepherd

Allison is starting high school in a new home and a new town, having moved from Los Angeles to the Sierra Nevada foothills.

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