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Professional Book Reviews

Can I re-submit my book if I’ve made changes after my initial submission?

No, you can not. We can’t stress enough that you should wait until you’ve finalized your book prior to submitting it for any IndieReader service. However, if you want to sign-up for a service to take advantage of a special offer and submit your book when it’s ready, just let us know.

As the saying goes, you can only make one first impression. Make it your best. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

What’s the difference between an IR Professional Review and a Reader Review?

We vet our IR Professional Reviewers very carefully to make sure they have the background, skill and training to write an IR Review.

IR’s Reader Reviews are done by readers who have expressed an interest in having IR send them lists of books from which they choose a genre they like to read. They then purchase the book, read it, write their reviews and post them to Amazon and GoodReads.

So while IR does guarantee that you will get the number of verified reviews you’ve paid for in 4-8 weeks, we cannot guarantee that they’ll be positive.

How many words are in a professional IR book review?

IR’s reviews are 350-400 words, exclusive of title, author name, IR rating and IR verdict.

What do the IR star ratings mean?

IndieReader’s reviewers are tough, but fair, and they won’t judge your book as compared to other self-published titles, but against other books, period.

Our ratings are based on the following criteria, although reviewers are able to award partial stars (i.e. a 1.3 or a 4.7), rather than rounding up or down to a whole or half number.

One star = Really bad; there’s a reason this book is self-pubbed

Two stars = Mediocre, but one or two bright spots

Three stars = Good; worth reading

Four stars = Very good

Five stars = Excellent; must-read





What if my book is IR Approved*?

If your book gets a rating of 4-5 stars it is considered IR Approved* and it will included in our monthly “Best Of” round-up in the Huffington Post. It will also be shared with the Association of Independent Authors (AIA).

What genres do you review?

IR and our reviewers read a range of genres–from autobiographies and self-help (non-fiction) to romance and mystery (fiction).  We provide a drop-down menu so that you can select which genre best describes your book.

In what formats can I submit my book?

IR’s reviewers can read books in a variety of formats–from ebook files (mobi or epubs) to PDFs. And we also accept books in paper format.

What is the turnaround time for getting an IR Professional review?

A regular review costs $250 and takes 7-9 weeks.

A RUSH review costs $325 and takes 4-6 weeks.

What are your requirements for using my review for promotional purposes?

You are free (and encouraged!) to use any part of your IndieReader review as long as you credit IR as the source.