As authors we know that getting reader reviews can be a Catch 22. There are only so many friends and relatives you can hit up before you become persona non grata. And without reader reviews you’re less likely to rank on Amazon, which makes it less likely people will purchase your book, leading to more reviews.

IndieReader, a trusted service provider for indie authors since 2009, has amassed a huge number of readers who would love the opportunity to read your book and write and post an honest review.

Working in a similar way as services such as BookBub, authors pay IndieReader a fee for connecting you with those readers.

IR will circulate your book among our readers who will choose the genres they most like to read (we have readers for all genres!).  Your readers will buy your book directly from Amazon, making them “Verified Purchases”.  In 4-8 weeks, we’ll send you a link to your review.

IR can not guarantee that your book will receive a positive review, but we do guarantee that your will receive the number of reviews you pay us to secure for you, leading to more sales and more reviews.



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