• The IRDAs have two main categories (fiction and non-fiction) and 40 + sub categories.
  • You can enter your book in more than one category, but an additional $50 fee is charged for each category entered.
  • When entering, please submit three copies of your book NO MATTER HOW MANY CATEGORIES YOU ENTER. This only applies to those who have gifted a book via Amazon or another service. If you upload a sharable ebook file through our enrollment form (after purchase), such as mobi or epub, you need only upload one copy.
  • At the end of the online entry process you’ll be instructed to print out an online registration receipt to send in along with your book(s).
  • Please include completed entry form and check/credit card info, or online registration receipt in the same package as your book(s).
  • Go to the signup page to get started

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