Political Thriller

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Politics, fraud and American democracy in peril in: THE PEOPLE'S HOUSE

Rating: 4.5
A journalist finds evidence of possible election fraud in this taut political thriller.
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NYPD Detective and a Saudi princess join forces against terrorists in: The Kingdom of Assassins

Rating: 5
THE KINGDOM OF ASSASSINS is a global political thriller taking place ten years in the future.
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The River Panj

Rating: 4
Derek Braun is working for Emergency Relief Corps in Afghanistan when terrorists attack the United States on Sept. 11, 2001. An ex-Notre Dame football star, he has been doing relief work in Central Asia for five years and is planning for this to be his final tour of duty.
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Kisses Of An Enemy

Rating: 5
"Kisses Of An Enemy" is about scandal and duplicity in which practically none of the characters have any virtue or morals. In short, it's an entirely believable story, and a very good one at that.
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Open Source

Rating: 2.5
"What if a ship carrying a cargo of stolen Russian missiles bound for Iran was mysteriously hijacked? What if Israel was secretly behind the hijacking? What if the guy who fills the vending machines in the break room figured the whole thing out?"