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WRONGFUL DEATH is an entertaining ride that takes the reader through a haunted house story where the ghost, not the living, has a lesson to learn.
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A young girl embarks on a yuletide trek to find her father, and herself in: THINGS ON A TREE

THINGS ON A TREE is the tale of a young girl’s magical Christmas journey to try to save her father and discover who she really is.
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Fantasy turns into horrific reality in another world beneath the sea in: THE MONSTER REALM

A girl's search for her missing sister evolves into the unexpected when she discovers an impending war between monsters and humans and that she is the only one who can save the destruction of the two worlds.
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Two teens, evil powers and Norse mythology collide in: DEMONS

While an ancient evil works in secret against them, a clairvoyant witch must aid a young god and find her way home from the Norse realm of Hel.
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Snooze: A Story of Awakening

Max Diver is a gifted boy that comes of age firmly rooted in reality while expanding awareness into the Otherworld. He undertakes a quest that takes him from childhood to college and finally across the realm of sleep into the Otherworld.