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Police dog to the rescue in: K-9 Cop: Case #1 - The Dreck Report

Bright and inquisitive Justin Andrews and his sister Vicky still grieve for their mother after her untimely death, and having an absentee, workaholic father makes their adjustment more diffi-cult.
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An assassin continues her work in the afterlife in: FRACTURES

A professional assassin commits her last murder, dies, and finds herself recruited to reprise her role in the afterlife.
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Canine detectives search for pirate treasure in: WHERE DOLPHINS DIVE

WHERE DOLPHINS DIVE is a delightful mystery story that follows canine detectives Bennett and Lola (a.k.a. Chief Inspector Brown and Sergeant Starfoot) as they search for a pirate treasure.
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Assured Destruction

Janus Rose is in some ways the typical sixteen-year-old; she’s smart as a whip with computers. When she makes use of a number of old computer hard drives that should have been destroyed, Janus finds herself in the middle of trouble so serious that not even she could have anticipated, and digging herself out has the potential to make things even worse.
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The Blue Hour

After a frightening incident in Los Angeles, Joshua and his family move from there, to a small, quaint town called Clearoak, where the folk aren’t “unfriendly” but just “protective”. Here, Joshua hears rumors and stories about the old house in which he now lives - a house that is supposedly haunted.
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Asleep Without Dreaming

After fleeing their old life, Willa and her mother end up working in a motel on the edge of a near-ghost town. Ghosts from Willa’s past seep into the present, as her mother’s troubled history emerges.
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The Unbridled Woods

“The Unbridled Woods” is an illustrated book for middle grade children, centering on twins Samantha and Matthew who live in Mississippi, circa 1845.
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January Kills Me

Samantha Rialto, a recently divorced, defensively snarky middle school music teacher, has taken up surveillance photography as a way to fill the gaps in her educator’s salary. That is until a particularly cold week in January when Sam finds herself entangled in a mystery involving dead people, copious amounts of cash and a nutty Tai Chi enthusiast.
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Rock Chick

India “Indy” Savage is the owner of a used book store and coffee shop. She is unwittingly involved in a crime ring, when her best barista loses a bag of diamonds and bad guys begin shooting at him.
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One Hour Martin-izing

Marty and Cassidy Tyroni are a married couple who lead secretive lives.
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Summer Sleep Away

Sweet and innocent, Summer Sleep-Away will keep the 10-12 year olds engaged and remind adults what it felt like to be a kid far from away from home for first time.