General Fiction

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Summer camp fun juxtaposed with lessons about race in: COLOR WAR

A teenager in an idyllic summer camp in the 1970s American South must suddenly face some harsh realities about race in America and about life.
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Montana in a Minor

A young aspiring cellist must alter her plans and spend her summer in Montana instead of practicing - but finds that there are unexpected benefits.
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Black Wolf

BLACK WOLF is an effective depiction of youth from a male point of view in all its natural, yet crude, splendor.
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The Reality Master

Ten-year-old Joey Blake can’t wait to go camping again with his grandpa Karl in nearby Big Sur, California. But while hiking in the area, a gleaming light leads to the discovery of a strange stone with the power to change reality.
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Bobby Ether And The Temple Of Eternity

BOBBY ETHER AND THE TEMPLE OF ETERNITY continues the adventures of Bobby Ether, a boy with incredible talents, a family with secrets, and a penchant for landing in trouble. This episode finds him in Guatemala, searching for his friends and continuing to fight against the evil Core.
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Escape From Killarney

Welcome to Killarney. Graham and his little sister Evelyn had their reservations about going on this trip. But their mom thought a hiking trip in the backcountry of Northern Ontario’s Killarney Park would be just the thing this family needed to reconnect with each other.
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The Frailty of Perception

A young teenager discovers magical talents and a world he's never known about - but is immediately thrown into the dangerous remnants of a bitter and painful war, and must decide who he can trust amidst lies, betrayals, and hidden identities.
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Flat-Out Celeste

The third volume in the popular “Flat-Out” series, FLAT-OUT CELESTE explores the budding romantic relationship between two social misfits.
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Addison's Mark

A cynical young man with bizarre visions finds himself caught up in the struggle between Good and Evil when he's hired for the presidential campaign of his new girlfriend's father.
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School Days

SCHOOL DAYS is a loosely-bound series of vignettes concerning the lives of students at Weeping Willow High, a school that is aptly named indeed.
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Easy Love

Told in the first person, this charming coming-of-age novel takes readers on a 10-year-ride in the life of a girl and her strong-willed horse.
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Curse of the Thrax

A young man, the son of a warchief in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, must find his destiny as the one prophesied to bring down an evil king.
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Wide Awake

WIDE AWAKE follows a teenage girl as she wakes up from a coma that has lasted six months and tries to remember who she is while inevitably creating a new identity for herself.
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Heist School Freshmen

HEIST SCHOOL FRESHMEN is a first-person narrative about a high school freshman named Angelo Bastillo, who goes by the moniker “Angel.” He hates school, and while love evades him, bullies do not.
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Ray Ryan

Aiden Riley's RAY RYAN is a coming-of-age novel for a lad from Nottingham, England, working through a turbulent past and encountering a lot of obstacles in life. The narrative is very colloquially British, meaning, among other things, you occasionally get weirdly inverted sentence orders, i.e. “She came over, smiling she was.”
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The Genius Of Little Things

THE GENIUS OF LITTLE THINGS is a moving yet humorous story of a lovable, emotionally stunted, 16 year-old, science geek caught in the Foster-Go-Round system AKA Nevada Department of Child and Family Services.
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The Casquette Girls

After finally returning to New Orleans after a devastating hurricane, Adele Le Moyne discovers that more is wrong with her hometown than just the damage the storm incurred. Dead bodies are turning up everywhere, and all signs point to that most pervasive monster in YA novels, the vampire.
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Jump When Ready

Henry is a misunderstood kid—he’s the youngest in his family, a withdrawn teenager picked on by his brother’s friends. So when he walks into the river by his house, his behavior and gothic garb make some at his funeral wonder just how accidental his death truly was.
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Bobby Ether And The Academy

BOBBY ETHER AND THE ACADEMY reels you in from the first line: It would take a miracle to win the game. And, lo and behold, fourteen-year-old Bobby somehow, miraculously, makes the last-second shot to defeat his basketball team’s middle-school rivals.
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The Goodspeed Token

Lilly and Sebastian Kemp, ages 13 and 11, are two very smart kids struggling with issues common to a lot of kids. When Sebastian is given an old subway token by the elderly gentleman who teaches him chess, he is told that it will make him "as strong as you can be, but no stronger," and "as smart as you can be, but no smarter", and that once it has helped him achieve his goals, he should pass it on to another deserving recipient.
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External Forces

For Jessica Grant, life within the exceptionally harsh military training program headed by the Devotees is brutal, but at least it provides her with a means to escape her disapproving mother, who has always suspected that Jessica is a Deviant.