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  • One star = Really bad; there’s a reason this book is self-pubbed.
  • Two stars = Mediocre, but one or two bright spots.
  • Three stars = Good; worth reading.
  • Four stars = Very good.
  • Five stars = Excellent; must-read.
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When terminally ill combat pilot Jake Bronson emerges from an MRI with extraordinary cognitive powers, everyone wants a piece of his talent--including Battista, one of the world's most dangerous terrorists.
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Delicious Flavors

Great entertaining ideas and personal anecdotes, together with a collection of recipes that are Mediterranean in spirit and American in practicality.
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Television Can Blow Me: Reviews That Give TV a Lump in its Throat

Irreverent, witty, at times downright shocking, writer James Donaghy presents his “best” (which does not necessarily mean glowing) reviews in this entertaining and outrageous compendium.
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Elizabeth Gardner (Lizzy) is seventeen-years old when she tells her parents she’s going out with her girlfriends. Instead, she meets up with Jared Shayne, her boyfriend of two years. As she walks home beneath an inky black sky, her perfect night becomes her worst nightmare.
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The List

A billionaire Senator with money to burn... A thirty year old science experiment, about to be revealed... Seven people, marked for death, not for what they know, but for what they are...
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Borrowed Time

Police woman Kate O'Hern, and her partner Rob Hansen, are shot point-blank by Mason Blake, a madman. Hansen dies immediately and Kate is medically dead for eight minutes before being revived. (WELCOME BACK, CJ!)
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Former Special Ops member David Desh suffered a horrible experience in Iran and is haunted by the memory. He is called out of retirement to track down a dangerous molecular biologist, Kira Miller, who may have discovered how to double the human lifespan.
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Hiding Out

A collection of stories within a story, a collection of thoughts and ideas within one prevailing concept.
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Where Am I Going?--Moving from Religious Tourist to Spiritual Explorer

Author Michelle Cromer effectively mixes personal anecdotes with all-encompassing insights in a comprehensive, organized structure.

The Spectacular Simon Burchwood

Determined to reassemble reclaim his shattered life, Simon and a pair of oddball sidekicks embark on a quest to answer the “question of all questions”: Why is life so hard?
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Pilgrimage of Love

"Pilgrimage of Love" is a romance novel mixed with the heroine's advice and instructions on how to find "The One" and how to heal the deep wounds that can result from love and loss.
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Future Tense

In this sequel to the well-received "Time Will Tell", the year is 2022 and the world is bordering on chaos, with Russian Assault Team Specialists (aka “RATS”) running roughshod.
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A page-turner of a tale based on religious history and mythology.
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The Mill River Recluse

The Mill River Recluse opens with a mystery: An old woman commits suicide on a snowy night. Who is she? Why did she cut herself off from the town below?
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Fezariu's Epiphany

Bruised by a rough childhood, a young man joins up with a legendary band of mercenaries and begins an exciting new life.
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Blood for Love

The imaginary planet called D’ot is not a happy place. It is “peopled” with creatures who have evolved into reptilian humanoids. They are violent and sadistic and lack the basic compassion that is crucial in any society.
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Kisses Of An Enemy

"Kisses Of An Enemy" is about scandal and duplicity in which practically none of the characters have any virtue or morals. In short, it's an entirely believable story, and a very good one at that.
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Jesus Potter Harry Christ

A veritable encyclopedia of the history of Christian conspiracy theories, the Christian media’s depiction of the Harry Potter controversy, and so much more. The title alone had me hooked.
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While I Was Learning to Become God

Sybil Vaughan is a delicate, creative and almost spirit-like child who struggles with the conflict of nurturing her own independent spirit with a society that wants to control her every thought and action.
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Fuffys: F**ked Up Fairytales

Some tales are takeoffs on the familiar models--Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel, except here Rapunzel is incredibly horny, her prince well endowed.
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Mooring Madness

A charming, fast-moving mystery, set in the small coastal village of Seaford in the eastern US, where Lars Erikson and his wife, Ava, have retired.
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Sector 64: Coup de Main

A fighter pilot on a routine assignment happens upon a craft that can’t be anything but a spaceship. Before he knows it, his wingman and friend has apparently slammed into the desert floor.
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The Meteoric Rise of Simon Burchwood

Weaves a heartrending portrait of lowered expectation: of a man eschewing, and ultimately embracing, mediocrity.