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The Burly Man

Zachary Lewis, aka “The Burly Man”, writes an insightful and intimate biographical journal disclosing his struggle from his very first symptom until the definite diagnosis of Polymyositis, a rare and painful autoimmune disorder.
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Stop Praying

This concise, 80-page book is a motivational quick-start guide to move you forward to a better life by giving you five disciplines to follow for 21 days.
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Drivetime Yoga

Drivetime Yoga is the first head-to-toe system to relieve driving stress, giving drivers practical road rage remedies and safe, simple techniques to ease chronic neck, shoulder and back aches.
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The 21st Century Guide to Bachelorhood: Lessons Learned Over the Past 20 Years

Irreverent, brutally frank, sometimes salacious advice for bachelors, whether they're seeking a soul mate or just looking to get laid.
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Secrets from the Sofa

The author is wise and insightful, having been enriched and informed by his experiences as a young man in post-war Europe dealing with Jews rescued from concentration camps and German prisoners of war.
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All About Motherhood: "A Mom for All Seasons" and Other Essays

All About Motherhood charts the interior journey women make when they give birth and take on the most demanding and dynamic role of their lives.
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Acting Well to Age Well

While Acting Well to Age Well focuses on the issues of obesity and weight loss, Yaeger's premise of behavioral change for life can be applied to any obstacle that keeps us from being the whole and healthy person we each envision for ourselves.
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A Suitcase Full of Faith

A Suitcase Full of Faith is about traveling the world while listening to one’s heart, even when the obstacles may seem insurmountable.
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Think Green!

A colorfully illustrated book that introduces and educates our youngest generation on ways they can think and act green.
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Joy Writing

A how-to guide for aspiring writers that ends up containing none of the prescriptive rules and one-size-fits-all advice so often associated with the genre.