Relationships & Dating

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True love is obtainable at any age according to FINDING LOVE AFTER 40

Rating: 4.5
FINDING LOVE AFTER 40 provides insightful anecdotes about various ways in which people have found the most fulfilling love of their lives, anywhere from mid-life through old age.
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Dating depicted as a horror movie in DON'T GO IN THAT ROOM!

Rating: 3.7
DON'T GO IN THAT ROOM! is a book of cautionary advice for single women, aimed at guiding them through the hell of modern dating.
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He Did You A Favor

Rating: 5
Author Debra Rogers shares her own experience of loser boyfriends; finding her Prince Charming and married him, only to discover when she was eight months pregnant that he was having an affair. From the depths of self-destructive shame, embarrassment, she one day realized “He did you a favor.”
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How I Got Him to Marry Me: 50 True Stories

Rating: 1
Beginning in the 1990s, it became difficult for women to get rings on their fingers. Author Cherise Kelly decided to investigate online, asking a series of questions and paying for exclusive rights to these tales.
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The I Factor

Rating: 3
Authors Paul N. Weinberg and Dr. Susan A. Dyer’s “how to” on building healthy relationships offering advice on various issues that arise in relationships and impede intimacy.
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The 21st Century Guide to Bachelorhood: Lessons Learned Over the Past 20 Years

Rating: 2
Irreverent, brutally frank, sometimes salacious advice for bachelors, whether they're seeking a soul mate or just looking to get laid.
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The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Online Dating

Rating: 3.5
This charming and helpful book is perfect for anyone new to the online dating experience, and especially women in their fifties and older.