Politics & Current Events

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Exploration into politics and philosophy through history in: A RIGHT TO EXIST: WHOSE RIGHTS ARE THESE?

A thought provoking exploration of how the principals of freedom and opportunity enshrined – if in rhetoric only – in the Constitution have gradually expanded to encompass broader swaths of society.
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Homeless Hero

A man investigates the lives of the homeless and those who work with them, in an attempt to discover why people become and/or stay homeless.
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Gathering Strength: Conversations With Afghan Women

"Gathering Strength" lifts the veils from all of Afghanistan's female population through conversations with a cross-section of Afghan women from her visits to the country in 2003 and 2010.
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Justice in America: How it Works – How it Fails

It doesn’t take much to realize when someone has “wronged” us. Yet Russell F. Moran’s Justice in America: How it Works – How it Fails examines how our simplest instinct – the ability to identify right from wrong – isn’t always so simple in the eyes of the law.
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Death with Dignity

Death with Dignity is author Robert Orfali’s passionate and persuasive argument for legalized physician-assisted dying, based on personal opinion and experience and extensive research into the debates and issues revolving around this controversial issue.
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The Secret Peace: Exposing the Positive Trend of World Events

Despite wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, continuing conflict in the Middle East, and such horrendous events as 911, author Jesse Richards presents the boldly optimistic theory that the world is actually moving away from war and violence toward unity and peace.