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A series of case studies on parental alienation in Canada, with some recommendations for alterations to Canadian custody and child support laws.
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Moving and delicately written, this stark memoir of life after her son was diagnosed with autism is emotionally vulnerable, darkly personal and intensely raw.
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The author, mourning for a baby son who died in her arms at birth, must confront the depths of her loss and find healing when she becomes pregnant with her third child.
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A father explains his “daddyhood journey” with the use of colorful doodles.
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LESSONS LEARNED, stories about the life of a likeable and admirable man

An Air Force veteran, husband, father, and “real-life Clark Griswold” tells stories from his long and eventful life.
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Parental love with or without biological connections: DO YOU KNOW THE STORY OF SUPERMAN?: Loving Children Who Are Not Your Own

Adams ruminates on life and what it means to love a child as much as a biological parent, even without the biological connection.
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Raise the Child You’ve Got, Not the One You Want

As a parent, do you have what it takes to celebrate your child regardless of their abilities, desires or personality? Most don’t. Which is one of the reasons Nancy Rose wrote the book, RAISE THE CHILD YOU’VE GOT, NOT THE ONE YOU WANT.
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I Heart My Little A-Holes

Full of hilarious stories, lists, thoughts and pictures that will make you laugh so hard you’ll wish you were wearing a diaper.
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Ketchup is a Vegetable

Parents, particularly those with the strength to laugh at themselves (and the schadenfreude to laugh at other parents), will thoroughly enjoy this book; that is, if they can find enough peace and quiet to read it.
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Six When He Came to Us

Ellie Porte Parker and her husband go through the referral process with an international adoption agency. But Ellie’s husband is in his mid-forties and therefore doesn’t meet the requirements for many countries that allow international adoption.
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How to Spread Sanity on a Cracker

How to Spread Sanity on a Cracker is essentially, a virtual venting session for moms. It combines cheesy recipes with funny parental anecdotes, sent in from mothers all across the country, including potty-training stories, grocery-shopping stories, tantrum stories, stories of parents who snapped in entertaining ways, etc.
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Spending the Holidays With People I Want To Punch In The Throat

“Spending the Holidays With People I Want To Punch In The Throat” is a collection of essays by Jen Mann-Li, who runs the blog, People I Want to Punch In The
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How To Raise A Good Kid

In this entertaining series of essays, O’Dwyer mines his comfortable middle-class American childhood for life lessons.