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HAIR LOSS: OPTIONS FOR RESTORATION & REVERSAL is a thoroughly researched, academic examination of male pattern baldness and how to overcome it.
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APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: Nature's Most Versatile and Powerful Remedy

In this well-organized, two-part volume that boasts an appealing cover and a clean presentation, Larry Trivieri, Jr. trumpets the healing powers of Apple Cider Vinegar, providing both a cultural and historical context and a clearly laid-out, step-by-step process for its uses in the fight against 80 ailments.
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UNSAFE AT ANY MEAL warns: the way we eat needs to change

America’s food supply is unhealthy and tainted with toxins, heavy metals, and pesticides. If we want to stay healthy, we need to choose what we eat more carefully.
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The authors, co-founders of a vitamin company, give advice on the proper use of vitamins, both for specific conditions and general health.
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Personal essays about emotional healing and sexual identity fill the pages of MAKING OUT LIKE A VIRGIN: SEX, DESIRE, & INTIMACY AFTER SEXUAL TRAUMA

Seventeen contributors from five countries, and ranging in age from their mid-20s to their late 60s, offer their views on thriving after sexual assault.
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Weighing in on the right way to lift weights in: WEIGHT TRAINING WITHOUT INJURY

WEIGHT TRAINING WITHOUT INJURY is a user’s guide to help prevent injury for beginners as well as advanced individuals looking to maximize their weight training regimes.


Author Amara Honeck brings her deep expertise and passion for her subject, honed from experience as a Shamanic Practitioner and Counselor.
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FROM THE BIG BANG TO YOUR CELLS: A fascinating look at the origin of minerals through to their role in the human body

The essential compounds in the human body today can be traced in detail from the beginning of the universe to their impact in daily life.
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A common sense, fun but no-nonsense approach to food in: STOP THE DIET, I WANT TO GET OFF

Overhearing food-focused, diet-obsessed conversations and observing strange, often excessive eating behaviors at a wedding party, Registered Dietitian Lisa Tillinger Johansen reflected, “I should write a book.”
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Advice on how to successfully navigate the health system in: Questioning Protocol

QUESTIONING PROTOCOL is an eye-opening narrative replete with humor, hope, and, most importantly, helpful tips about the health care system. No parent wants to see his or her child suffer.
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Clear, practical pain management advice in: Thriving with Chronic Pain

The author offers advice and suggestions for not only managing chronic pain, but also leading a thriving life with it.
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The Book Of Supplement Secrets

Tim Mielke does yeoman’s service, alerting the average consumer to shoddy practices and deceptive claims in the nutritional supplement industry, while also educating them on making better purchasing decisions.
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I Left My Prostate In San Francisco

I LEFT MY PROSTATE IN SAN FRANCISCO: WHERE’S YOURS? by Rick and Brenda Redner, tells the well-written and often excruciating story of Rick’s unexpected diagnosis of prostate cancer and the aftermath.
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Breathing For Two

An anesthesiologist's account of his failures, triumphs, and lessons learned, in the business of knocking people unconscious.
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One Weight Loss Plan, Two Friends, Three Weeks

April Paine and Stacey Wein met in college, and became bosom buddies, life-long friends who continuously struggled with weight loss and body images - that is, until they harnessed the most powerful tool ever: friendship.
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How I Lost My Uterus and Found My Voice

At 26, author Michelle Whitlock was living a “normal” life; she had a job in retail, great friends, and a loving family. Then, with the discovery that she had invasive cervical cancer, everything changed.
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The Hormone Shift

Cutillo, who has worked in the health field for 23 years, unravels the mystery of how hormones work in this comprehensive and user-friendly book for women of all ages and stages.
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Fast Food Vindication

Lisa Tilinger Johansen, a former McDonald’s Corporation real-estate-executive-turned-Registered-Dietician, is out to balance the bad rap that the fast food restaurants have received from books like Fast Food Nation and Supersize Me with bite-sized portions of common sense advice about nutrition, food and eating choices.
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Grade A Baby Eggs

A fascinating, often funny memoir chronicling author Victoria Hopewell’s three-year baby-making mission.
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Successfully Surviving a Brain Injury: A Family Guide Book

When Jessica Prowe sustains a serious brain injury in a tragic car accident, her husband and author Garry Prowe is left in a state of shock, disbelief and confusion. The reality he faces is overwhelming, but he quickly becomes proactive and takes on the role as the main caregiver in his wife's long journey to recovery.
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Essential Nourishment

Visually stunning and packed full of mouthwatering recipes, Essential Nourishment puts the emphasis on an appreciation for the sensual pleasures of natural foods with a sensible approach to nourishment.