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From joint tenancies to loan servicing, the PRIVATE MONEY LENDING teaches business finance 101, educating the reader and suggesting a low risk, high reward way to invest money.
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Dip Into Debt With STORIES OF THE INDEBTED, And Emerge Feeling…Oddly Optimistic

STORIES OF THE INDEBTED by Jorge P. Newbery is a series of financial case studies, garnished with a light sprinkling of fictionalization.
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Becoming debt free in: DEBT CLEANSE

A unique perspective to breaking down the process debtors should take to become debt free.
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Build Wealth and Spend it All

The author suggests financial strategies involving real estate investment for those seeking to build true wealth – and then explains why you should work to spend all your wealth before you die.
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How to Manage Your Money When You Don’t Have Any

Wecks, who has experienced financial hardships first hand, has written a book for those who want to make a lasting change in their belief about and the way they view and spend money. In order to do this, it is important to not only look at our financial situation, but the financial thinking of our culture. Only by doing so can people reclaim financial control of their lives and their self-respect.