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Madness, Miracles, Millions

This faith-based memoir highlights how the Semprevivo family overcame obstacles to create, own, and operate a multi-million-dollar, sugar-free cookie company.
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Inside the Founding of Newsweek

Granddaughter Anne Alexander has pieced together her grandfather's drafts and notes on his experiences as the initial founder of Newsweek magazine.
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The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users - Engaging, entertaining and practical advice on boosting online presence.

THE ART OF SOCIAL MEDIA: POWER TIPS FOR POWER USERS is a comprehensive tool for both beginners and veteran users of social media.
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A Good Financial Advisor Will Tell You

Intended for affluent investors who’ve graduated from the Suze Orman-like ABCs of financial acumen and are searching for something more in-depth; this is a plain-speaking, straight-shooting collection of retirement investing guidelines.
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Red Hot Internet Marketing

This easy-to-read book on how to market yourself or your product online offers guidance to the marketing newbie, with plenty of resources listed for more in-depth help for later on.
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Change Management In The Real World

Change is inevitable. On that, we can rely and agree. The question, in business as in life, becomes how best to manage change to insure our future success, rather than our demise. The Holy Grail, according to author Kevin Rohan, is change management.
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The Social Executive

THE SOCIAL EXECUTIVE is essentially a vigorous presentation, in short book form, aimed at convincing executives that they need to take advantage of social media opportunities now, or be reduced to irrelevancy.
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Connected To Goodness

This is an exhausting yet energizing tale of one man empowered. Attorney-sports marketer David Meltzer tells a good story – his, primarily, of the rags to riches to rags to riches kind, underscored by his dedication to what he calls connected to goodness.
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Geared to an audience of organization leaders and consultants, Author William F. Brandt, Jr. has mapped the way to creating an organization that drives focus, motivation and success in a company.

What Happens In Vegas Stays On Youtube

This rulebook offers guidance for participating in social media effectively without destroying your reputation.
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Got A Bad Boss?

There’s an endemic of bad bosses in the workplace, no question. And Dr. Nelson’s tips on how to handle the seven different manager types is spot on.
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The Rooster’s Crow

THE ROOSTER’S CROW strives to provide inspiration and helpful information for fledgling entrepreneurs. According to author Mark Naggar, the world needs more entrepreneurs to help boost the economy.
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Managers, Martians & Monsters

Through the analysis of seven classic thrillers from the 1930s through the 1950s, this book reveals various monsters lurking in the workplace. Some films serve as more logical launching points than others, but all make entertaining introductions to each chapter.
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If you’re looking for a job but dread going through another humorless book on how to write the perfect résumé, Giacomo Giammatteo is your man.
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Corporate Recruiter Tells All

Ryan Fisher shares his wealth of behind-the-scenes-hiring information and strategic, career building advice based on his twelve-plus years experience as a professional recruiter in this concise guide to landing your dream job.
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Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service

Author Kirt Manecke offers what he dubs “The Essential 60-Minute Crash Course” in a slender paperback sporting a sharp-looking cover in blue with yellow highlights of the word ‘Smile’.
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The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley

The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley by Victor W. Hwang and Greg Horowitt, describes the essentials of the technological, economic and behavioral situations to optimize a hub of innovation.
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Talk to Me: Workplace Conversations that Work

“Talk to Me” mixes fictional situations that highlight the principles illustrated in the stories and offers practical exercises as a follow up.
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They Cooked the Books: A Humorous Look at the World of White-Collar Crime

They Cooked the Books is written in fifteen parts, with each section casting a metaphorical and honest light on the origins, original meanings and present day usage of sayings related to financial doings (legal and otherwise).
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The Intentional Networker

This handbook for assessing your goals, focus and gaining networking skills and inspiration is chock full of strategies and tips for self-improvement and networking.
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No Straight Lines

No Straight Lines is the call for change, for creativity, new leadership and a change in the culture of unfairness, stagnation and inflexibility caused by linear. The author argues that it’s imperative to find alternative ways to do business and manage services because, in today’s society and life, there are no straight lines.
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Wal-Mart’s Egonomics Always

The tale of how ADDvantage Media Group, Inc, (AMG) a vendor of shopping cart calculators, partnered with Wal-Mart and were systematically destroyed by the corporate mega-store through continual mishandlings, turnovers in high level associates who were working on the accounts and an overall attitude of greed and deception.