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The Year of Soup

After several consecutive failed relationships, Tess relocates and starts a restaurant dedicated to soup.After getting to know a customer for a year, he takes his own life, leaving behind a series of letters for Tess.
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Being Anti-Social

Leigh K. Cunningham’s BEING ANTI-SOCIAL is a delightful story with just the right mix of whimsy, sarcasm, a pinch of heartbreak and a smattering of Oscar Wilder wisdom.
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That Crazy Little Thing

When Melanie's best friend, Donna is diagnosed with cancer, and reveals she gave up a baby for adoption thirty-five years ago; Melanie enlists her own teenage daughter's help to find Donna’s long lost baby boy.
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The Mourning After

Georgia Hope Montgomery met Kyle Collins when she was twelve, after an unspeakable tragedy, and Kyle has been her boyfriend and protector ever since. Kyle becomes more committed to his career than to Georgia who finds herself drawn to handsome Tristan.
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Asleep Without Dreaming

After fleeing their old life, Willa and her mother end up working in a motel on the edge of a near-ghost town. Ghosts from Willa’s past seep into the present, as her mother’s troubled history emerges.
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Dust (Silo Saga)

The conclusion to the series--beginning with WOOL and continuing with SHIFT-- concerning silo dwellers in a post-apocalyptic United States.
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The Carnelian Legacy

Marisa MacCallum’s world is shattering before her eyes. Violently drawn into a vortex that transports her into another world in a parallel dimension, Marissa finds herself an unwitting pawn in a game of high intrigue and power politics
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God Bless the Dead

Gabriel Sheehan wakes up one morning unsure where he is or how he got there. Helena Fianna is volatile and violent—and very beautiful, in that way that fictional Irish heroines often are. Gabriel knows nothing about her, except that she’s supposedly studying mathematics at the college, though she rarely goes to class. But, within a week they have moved in together.
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Deep into Dusk

Gabriel McRay is a police officer on the trail of a sexually sadistic serial killer. His only witness is Tara Samuels, who escaped the killer's tortures.
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Print in the Snow: Anna's Adventure In The Wyssun World

Fourteen-year-old Anna angrily leaves her new home in New York City and steps into a magical world where she is faced with physical and emotional obstacles which she must overcome in order to find her way home on more levels than one.
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Destination Happiness

In her latest self-help guide, DESTINATION HAPPINESS, Alice Inoue inspires us with her own clever and in depth solution to attaining a state of happiness.
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If you’re looking for a job but dread going through another humorless book on how to write the perfect résumé, Giacomo Giammatteo is your man.
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Murder Has Consequences

MURDER HAS CONSEQUENCES is a story of two childhood friends with a history of violence that reunite in tragedy after very divergent life choices.
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With and Without Her: A Memoir of Being and Losing a Twin

In this poignant and uncensored memoir on life, love, family and the ultimate tragedy, Dorothy Foltz-Gray bares her soul to us about losing her twin.
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No City for Dreaming

Ambition and scandal center the work. It is is August, 1962. The dreams of failed screenwriter, Lou Beach, aspiring actress Cherie Winters and former A list director, Aaron Townes, cross paths
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The Travis Club

Taylor Nichols seems to be the poster boy for underachievement. He lives in a neat yet unfashionable section of San Antonio, drives a truck on its last legs and doesn't have much to show for his college degree. But he has another side. . .
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Come Again

COME AGAIN is the story of Ray Cass, a marketing executive who makes an impassioned plea to God to save the life of his daughter who is dying of leukemia. He receives an answer, in the form of complete remission, in exchange for him helping to orchestrate the second coming of Christ himself.
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Six When He Came to Us

Ellie Porte Parker and her husband go through the referral process with an international adoption agency. But Ellie’s husband is in his mid-forties and therefore doesn’t meet the requirements for many countries that allow international adoption.
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Those who die by violence, and those incapable of love, are cursed to return in new bodies, reincarnated to live new lives until they learn the lessons of the past. Psychiatrist Astra Nathanson is a repeater
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What starts with a cold-blooded murder in the snow, a harbinger administering extreme justice in the name of God, becomes a pivotal journey for both a flailing local newsman and an investigator.
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BENEVOLENT is at least partly the story of Gaby, a dedicated idealist devoted to rescuing and caring for other people, and Mikhail, the man who has loved her since they were teenagers, but never quite managed to tell her.
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UNMENTIONABLES is a story concerning the interaction of slavery, family, love and war, when two Southern families, and the slaves they own, but do not fully control, find themselves forced to confront traumatic change in the face of the Civil War.