Sexually Explicit

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Raffaello Palazzo is a wealthy businessman scarred by bitterness after his ex-wife cheated on him and tried to take him for everything he was worth.
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Training Tessa

Tessa has lost her job in Michigan and struggles to find a quick solution to pay her part of her ailing mother’s nursing home bill. As she applies for a position titled “Receptionist Plus” she has no idea how much of a plus she will need to perform.
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Summer’s Journey: Volume One - Losing Control

A blend of contemporary romance and erotica, “Summer’s Journey” begins with Summer’s decision to recover from her recent divorce by seeking the sexual freedom she has always desired.
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Cocksmith at the Helm

NOTE: THIS IS A SEXUALLY EXPLICIT BOOK Myron Cocksmith is the Principal, wrestling coach and former student of Our Lady of Gethsemane, a Jesuit school rampant with talking portraits of past principals and staff and students preoccupied with sex.