Science Fiction

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Classic zombies, a sympathetic heroine and daring escapes in MAR RISING

A mysterious organism turns humans into bloodthirsty zombies – but where did it come from, and can it be stopped?
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A young girl explorers her powers in SHADOW GAMES

In the current glut of movies and tv shows featuring superheros, the main characters are usually thrilled to find themselves with super-powers. But for 15-year-old Emily Heart, those abilities aren’t always welcome or easy to control.
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A determined mother battles for her family’s safety in a futuristic world in: TITAN

TITAN begins with an ominous poem/list of reasons why America fell and brought the rest of the world with her before rising as “Amerikka.”
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Fifteen-year-old fights predators in the fantastical world of: PHILOMENA

Part swashbuckling adventure, part richly detailed fantasy universe, part coming of age tale, this rich foray into the Cor Novan Sky Alamanac spans multiple genres.
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Suspenseful yet quirky, a comedic sci-fi thriller about a virus with its own agenda: THE CYGNUS VIRUS

A man downloads a computer virus from another planet with a terrifying agenda of its own in this enticing and sometimes quirky sci-fi thriller.
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A solar storm threatens civilization in: ELECTRICITY

An increase in solar flare activity, culminating in a massive solar storm, threatens life and civilization as we know it.
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Travel between Pre and Post Apocalyptic worlds in: GHOST RAIN

Characters grapple through two separate time periods, one pre-apocalypse and one post, in this intriguing first part of The End of Reality series.
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The hearts of humans and robots in: AUTONOMOUSLY YOURS

While ANONYMOUSLY YOURS setting is the future and deals with technology yet to be fully realized, the heart of the story has to deal with love and loss, and the way people are treated as objects, feelings that are very much present in life today.
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A troubled young girl finds her inner hero in a terrifying near-future world in: TICK

In this highly imaginative yet overcrowded novel by Allison Rose, Josephine (Jo) Bristol must struggle against many foes, both internal and external.
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A family faces peril as they travel across a post-apocalyptic earth in: PARCHED

In a post-apocalyptic Earth where the sun has become a Red Giant causing extreme heat, massive drought, and near total dissolution of society, the Deforios family are chased from their home in California by armed marauders, and attempt a harrowing passage east to their hometown of Lorain, Ohio.
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Two humans plot to thwart an alien invasion in: ARCHANGEL DOWN

Humanity may have made first contact. Meanwhile, unaware of why they’ve been implicated as members of the mysterious Archangel Project, a potential alien invasion, two strangers set out to save a planet.
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Young adults from a magical kingdom against a force from the Dark Realm in: ERAFEEN. BOOK ONE: THE JESTIVAN

A team of young adults from the Five Kingdoms of the Light Realm must unite and train to face a great danger.
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Atheism and Religion clash in an apocalyptic world in: CITY ON A HILL

After the Cataclysm, all religions were made illegal in the twin cities of Lysander and Fortinbras, the only communities to survive the fundamentalist war.
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Life and Death are found in: THE ROOSTER’S GARDEN

A young woman continues her journey from Chicago to California in search of her sister and what might be the last safe place available.
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Doomsday disaster threatens the power of love in: CROSSING IN TIME

When an ordinary couple seems to be the key to saving humanity, they both must separately travel across space and time to see whether or not their love truly can stand the test of the ultimate distance in a suspenseful and unpredictable ride.
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A man uses military intelligence background and survivalist skills to uncover a conspiracy in: REDFALL

As a mysterious red rain falls across the globe, a man at the center of international scorn is the only one who can track down the mastermind behind this worldwide catastrophic event.

Winston is not your average insurance salesman in: COERCION

Forces of good and evil are at play in this sci-fi thriller centering on the division between two mind-power gifts: the ability to sense coercion and the ability to coerce.
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Surprising and fun, but also heartbreaking and mournful stories in: LOVE HURTS

A collection of dark love stories in science fiction and fantasy, from authors both renowned and obscure.
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A military recruit fights in a segregated future in: REDZONE INCURSION

In the twenty-second century, what was once Australia is now the site of perpetual conflict between wealthy, fascist BlueZones and impoverished, communist RedZones, their hostile segregation akin to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.
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Humanity’s attempt to survive first contact with a civilization that reaches back to the early days of the universe in: SHRIVERS

Humanity has finally found peace among the stars thanks to quantum gateway technology, replicators, and powerful AIs. Before the dust can settle, the riddle of the Fermi Paradox is answered in the worst way possible.