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Cassandra’s Heart

Cassandra works the high-end clothing store, Magical Ways. James Austin is the no-nonsense, down to earth guy who works at the Double L. ranch. When Cassandra, the beautiful witch, bumps into horse trainer James Austin, it’s love at first sight, but is that and great sex enough to keep them together or are they just too different?
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Sweet Tea and Secrets

Jill Clemmons returns to her small hometown to attend her grandmother Pearl’s funeral. Here she must not only deal with her grief, but the resurfacing of old memories, a former love and a mystery left behind by her grandmother – a mystery that may also be the reason for the strange occurrences at the house.
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I Loved You First

Alex is a typical college freshman with a crush on a guy. The only problem is that Seth has been her best friend since high school and, he’s gay.
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Come Back to Me

A poignant novel that examines the interwoven nature of our fragile lives and how quickly we can Fate can change our roles instantly to turn us from the Rescued to the Rescuer; from the one everyone waited for, to the one who now must sit and wait.
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Happily Ever Afton

Afton Lanford plans to live happily ever after with her beau Jason. When she finds out that he is having an affair with her bridesmaid, she feigns a romance with Cooper Stewart Carrington III, a stranger on the street.
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Her Dear and Loving Husband

An alluring paranormal romance about Sarah Alexander, who has relocated from Los Angeles to Salem, Massachusetts, where she discovers James Wentworth and the secrets from both his and her past that will free her from the visions that plague her sleep.

Winter Haven

Devon Lecusken returns to his hometown of Winter Haven with a bag full of, well, baggage, and its residents are not ready to bring on the welcome home brigade just yet. While news of Devon’s return spreads like a bad a rash, maybe love has the ability to save him.
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January Kills Me

Samantha Rialto, a recently divorced, defensively snarky middle school music teacher, has taken up surveillance photography as a way to fill the gaps in her educator’s salary. That is until a particularly cold week in January when Sam finds herself entangled in a mystery involving dead people, copious amounts of cash and a nutty Tai Chi enthusiast.
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Pilgrimage of Love

"Pilgrimage of Love" is a romance novel mixed with the heroine's advice and instructions on how to find "The One" and how to heal the deep wounds that can result from love and loss.
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Her Last Letter

The discovery of a hidden letter left by our narrator—Gwyn’s dead sister, Kelly—sends Gwyn searching for answers about Kelly’s recent death.
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Vampire Vintage Book One: Belladonna in Hollywood

Belladonna hops aboard a bus to Hollywood, chasing her dream of starring in pictures opposite the magnetic Bela Lugoisi--only to get mixed up with a real vampire.
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The Vision: Green Stone of Healing Series, Book One

The Vision centers around political struggles in a fictional country/region, centered largely around the main character, whose questionable parentage turns out to be extremely significant and dangerous for most of the characters concerned. It’s a fantasy setting with very little magic, although there is some indication that there will be more supernatural plot points later in the sequels.
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More Letters From Pemberley 1814-1819

More Letters From Pemberley is a continuation of Jane Dawkin's first Letters novel. We again find Elizabeth Darcy, at her writing desk. Extending from 1814 to 1819, Elizabeth's letters are no longer that of a homesick young woman finding solace with her younger sister.
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Letters from Pemberly

"Letters From Pemberley: The First Year", brings us to the writing desk of newly married Elizabeth Bennet Darcy as she embarks on her first year at Pemberley, the grand estate of her new husband, Fitzwilliam Darcy.