Religious Fiction

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When a former high school student wakes up in the afterlife with no memories, she must learn to accept her new role as a demon hunter while trying to rediscover her identity, reform her relationship with God, and uncover the secrets behind the dangerous path.

After a traumatic experience as a young girl, a woman finds her peace in: SCOUT’S HONOR

A young girl experiences a number of life-altering situations that shape her adulthood but finally lead her to a pivotal moment of self-realization.
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An assassin continues her work in the afterlife in: FRACTURES

A professional assassin commits her last murder, dies, and finds herself recruited to reprise her role in the afterlife.
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A cat’s eye view of Jesus’s life in: THE CATS OF REKEM

A family of cats and humans are required to learn how to live by a new religion, after their lives are touched by Yeshua of Nazareth.
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The Gospel According To Judas

A man shares eclectic experiences from twenty-five years of his life to help unravel the mysteries of existence.
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Addison's Mark

A cynical young man with bizarre visions finds himself caught up in the struggle between Good and Evil when he's hired for the presidential campaign of his new girlfriend's father.