Post Apocalyptic

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A determined mother battles for her family’s safety in a futuristic world in: TITAN

TITAN begins with an ominous poem/list of reasons why America fell and brought the rest of the world with her before rising as “Amerikka.”
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A nomadic scavenger teams up with others to battle cyber mutants of a futuristic city in: REX STRAND: SCAVENGER OF THE WASTES

A young scavenger navigates a devastated and polluted world on his trusty racing bike, battling mutants and mercenaries along the way, in REX STRAND.
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A man uses military intelligence background and survivalist skills to uncover a conspiracy in: REDFALL

As a mysterious red rain falls across the globe, a man at the center of international scorn is the only one who can track down the mastermind behind this worldwide catastrophic event.
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An idealistic young drug smuggler has the one drug to save humanity in a post apocalyptic world in: THE PRELAPSARIANS

A group of hardened mercenaries take an idealistic young smuggler under their protection as she transports a cache of the one drug that keeps humanity alive.
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Sector 64: Ambush

In the pre-dawn hours over the Mojave Desert, 2 F-22 fighters take off from Nellis AFB and climb into the darkness headed for the Nevada Testing Range. The fighters are on a routine training mission but as they approach Area 51, they are intercepted by a large and unrecognizable craft
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It is ten years since The Impact, the day when meteors struck the earth. The city of Boston has become a dark, dust driven scape with a small fraction of its population alive and living the semi feral life of scavenging tribes.
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Clio and Cy, the Apocalypse

The story focuses on the remaining survivors of WWIII as they try to survive and connect with other survivors such as themselves. Clio, a 12 year old girl, is trying to locate her mother, while Cy, a human friendly cyborg, is attempting to aid his creator in finding a way to stop the mad genius responsible for the war.
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From Blood Reborn

FROM BLOOD REBORN is the third book in Kevin Soares’ post-apocalyptic series “Oasis of Filth”. The RL2013 virus that causes infected people to become Zombies has devastated the planet.
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Into the Dark of Day

INTO THE DARK OF DAY takes place after “Day 40” of a world war that nearly destroys humankind. In this chaos, a group of men and women take refuge in a radio station where they transmit, seemingly in vain, trying to reach anyone else who may have survived.
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Dreamer’s Island

A post-pandemic future leaves the world divided, with the majority suspicious of the Islanders who had a better survival rate than those in the larger part of the former United States. An Islander and Tarot-card reader, Blair straddles these two worlds.