Popular Fiction

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The Tourist Trail

Angela Haynes is a thirty-something biologist who has spent the last fifteen years tagging penguins in Patagonia. Her social life consists of making eyes at her twenty-something male assistant and keeping tabs on penguins, until one day a mysterious stranger with a questionable past literally washes up on the island’s shores and Angela makes a bold decision to harbor him.
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Uncertain Journey

Serendipitous circumstances lead Rejep Etaj, an Albanian-born illegal immigrant, and Eudoxia “Doxi” Athanasiou, a Greek-American, to strike up a tender, if unlikely companionship in the city of Ionnina, Greece.
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Out, Out: A Novel of Women and Apes

Deb Solomon, married and the mother of a two-year-old daughter, isn’t expecting her life to take any unusual turns when she lands a position as business manager of a Southern University primate lab outside of Atlanta.
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The Bridge Club

The Bridge Club is the story of eight women who started off as a monthly bridge club, and transformed themselves over the decades into what they call a “life raft” or a “support of sisters” (SOS) group for one another.
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Misfits & Heroes: West From Africa

The act of a social outcast releasing a wanderer from her bonds begins a story that soon intertwines the lives of many with the history of Africa and Western exploration. The time is approximately 12,000 BC when Naaba and Asha meet and start their unconventional journey.
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Eye of the Redeemer

Author Richard I. Levine sets up the theme of redemption in several of his characters, effectively developing their personalities, histories and revealing their moment of redemption.