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The 19th Element

The 19th Element will speak to fans of a good thriller, to aviation buffs and those interested in the evil possibilities of nuclear power placed in the wrong hands.
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The Missing Element

A breath-stopping journey of intrigue, suspense featuring a cast of quirky and intriguing characters--each with a motive into a larger scheme that could quickly spell disaster.
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Hymie and the Angel

A funny, phantasmagorical and spiritual look at loss, guilt, fear of death, and the will to live as experienced by a Jewish immigrant in Newark in 1933.
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Horsegod: Collected Poems

A shocking, powerful collection of poetry in which the author tells his life story in exquisite verse.

Beauty Marks

Reads like a gritty, angry Meg Cabot novel.
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A witty tale--incredibly perceptive--almost to the point where one's worst nightmare would be a date with the author at a local Karaoke bar, the back-drop for the novel.
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Double Blind

For those who enjoy spare, clever writing and a playful attitude toward eroticism (no prudes need apply!)
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Waiting for the World to End

An intimate portrait of what Thoreau might call a "life of quiet desperation," and its depiction of a love that is kept permanently at a distance.
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Ere I Saw Elba

Amidst the turmoil of World War II, the second book in the Elba trilogy tackles universal themes like the human ability for forgiveness and redemption.
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Able Was I

A gay protagaonist with a universal plight whose story unfolds against lovingly drawn, evocative depictions of New York City and Italy.
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The Skye in June

A beautifully written, convincing portrayal of a family, in which growth comes by squarely facing the past and accepting all of its truths.