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THE MATRIARCH MATRIX is a globe-trotting thriller with hints of sci fi and spirituality.
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CAT BORN TO THE PURPLE, a poetic tale with a flair for description and a welcoming, hopeful heart

A young cat must help her human partner, the woman saved from stoning by Yeshua ben Yosef, find healing and purpose in life.
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Kate Kindrick reads at the third grade level, has artistic potential and an active, playful imagination. She also has one power that sets her apart from her peers: she can see people’s hearts and read their emotions.
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A mountain climber struggles to find a reason to live after he loses his legs in: BECAUSE

A mountain climber and his family deal with the repercussions of a tragic accident that cost him his legs.
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Nikki Magee

An orphaned girl overcomes abuse through the help of a mob boss and finds success in a rock band. This book covers several years in the life of an amazing girl.
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Homelessness examined in: Shaken Awake

The news of a man frozen to death on the front steps of a Georgia church sends a wake-up call to Reverend Samuel Matthews, his financial chairperson Phil Portman, and parishioner Alvin Smith. The three men have no idea that their decision to open the church's doors as a shelter will make an unexpected impact in their lives.
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The Evolution of Adam

Author Dan Ford’s THE EVOLUTION OF ADAM revolves around a group of friends who realize that they are the reincarnations of members of the lost city of Atlantis.
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First Creatures

In this gentle tale about regaining life after loss, first grade teacher Ruth Lily has repressed all memories from before the passing of her husband, Roger. After meeting the mysterious “First Creatures” that live in her garden, however, she slowly begins to regain her memories – and to heal.
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Reason's Fifth Dawning

REASON'S FIFTH DAWNING is a fictional tale of fighter pilot-turned MBA Eric Noble who writes a wildly popular book debunking the tenets of religious faith.

Achieve Anything In Just One Year

Through 365 assignments, as general as “striking a balance between necessity and play” and as specific as journaling about how other people have injured us, ACHIEVE ANYTHING IN JUST ONE YEAR offers helpful one-page direction for each day of the year.
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The Traveler

THE TRAVELER is a children’s book with a charming cover and a spiritual story. In this quick read, children ask their grandfather to tell them a story, and he responds with the tale of the Traveler, who had come to their location and marveled at the beauty of the place.
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The Twelve Attunements

The premise of THE TWELVE ATTUNEMENTS is that our universe is not alone.
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KARMAFORNIA is the story of a love triangle, set in Berkeley in the late 1970s, with the beautiful graduate student Laura Reiner at its apex. This being Berkeley in the 1970s, the characters spend a reasonable amount of time stoned, and during an acid vision early in the story, Laura and her admirer remember past lives that do not bode well for their current relationship, past lives in which Cob, the other admirer, also figures.
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The Ideal in the West

Does a notion of idealism in Western thought run from Socrates to Thoreau? If so, what does this mean for the way that we think? What about the way that we live?
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One day a grape-colored cloud swirled around the world and stole away every human being between the ages of 18 and 65.
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The Dragon In Me

This is a wise book (albeit one which could benefit from an editor), full of good advice about managing tragedy, addiction, and recovery, told from the point of view of one deeply affected by other people's addictions.
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The I Factor

Authors Paul N. Weinberg and Dr. Susan A. Dyer’s “how to” on building healthy relationships offering advice on various issues that arise in relationships and impede intimacy.
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One Great Year

By all outward appearances Max Quinn is just a fairly average computer repairman eking out a living in Seattle.
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Following in the Footsteps of God

"Following in the Footsteps of God" is a no-nonsense guide to those of us on a spiritual journey.
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Awakening’s Treasure: Waking from Life's Dream to Awakening's Pull

Awakening’s Treasure is “about who we think we are, waking up to who we are. It’s about the urge to awaken always going on within us, pushing us along our destined way.”
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Launch Out into the Deep

The book consists of parable-like stories, quotations from the bible, discussion points, poems and some pencil sketches, and addresses a wide variety of issues, that can affect everyone but are often associated with young adults, such as depression, peer pressure, sex and loneliness.
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Dogs Have Angels Too

Miss Pink has been laid off from her job as a high-powered marketing exec. She has also been divorced, and swindled out of all her investments thanks to Bernie Madoff.
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Where Am I Going?--Moving from Religious Tourist to Spiritual Explorer

Author Michelle Cromer effectively mixes personal anecdotes with all-encompassing insights in a comprehensive, organized structure.