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A mortal is hired by Oberon, King of the Fairies, to disrupt an awful performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream, with, well, Puckish results.


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Easy to devour in one sitting, this tongue-and-cheek account of a BMI-obsessed society is both laughable and cringe-inducing.
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New homeownership comes with a deadly price for two roommates when their ghostly resident commits murder, tossing one of them into the weird and perilous afterlife.
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A successful combination of a hard-boiled mystery story and the surreal and slapstick world of the mentally-challenged.
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Zombies meet high-school romance in the darkly humorous CHEMISTRY

Often mocked for her size, sixteen-year-old Stella Blunt learned to fiercely defend herself from bullying. But she definitely isn't ready for the designated high school weirdo Howard Mullins to fall in love with her.
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VLAD MORANSKI: A PIECE OF WORK really is a piece of work, and that’s a good thing!

Vlad Moranski is a small-time Canadian thief and gambler who has fled to Paris to peddle his book "French Like Me" to independent booksellers.
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Family history, horror and humor collide in: AMBALLORE HOUSE

Part family saga and part mesh of sci-fi, paranormal, horror and off-beat humor, this is a story of Kerala civilization in the town of Amballore, India, an unusual community with a dark history.
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Social commentary highlighted through a curmudgeon’s antics in: COINMAN

The anti-hero known as “Coinman” is an irritating co-worker, an inattentive husband, a not-so-dutiful son…yet his apparent lack of love conquers all.
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Strange things are happening in Bufkin County, where monsters are real in: THE DOG THAT LAID EGGS

This absurd tale set in the mythical 19th century Bufkin County all starts when one pup, Salem, starts mysteriously laying eggs, one of which hatches into something most extraordinary, a cyclops resembling a pug with wings
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Stories and poetry punctuated with humor: I PUNCHED MYSELF IN THE EYE

Pamela Capone must be a riot at parties. She can turn the most mundane details of a day into witty poetry, and find a way to connect it all to God’s higher plan for us.
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A fun space-age quest to keep the cosmic water flowing in: ESCAPE FROM DORKVILLE

A pair of humans, an intergalactic plumber, a puffin, and an Ergonomics and Fiscal Engineer must journey to find the All and Everything in order to save the universe from drying out.
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A colorful cast of characters and a bawdy tone in: Freaks I’ve Met

Hilariously vulgar and deceptively entertaining, FREAKS I’VE MET follows the unusual adventures of a new graduate as he seeks his fame and fortune.
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A goofy and irreverent take on Armageddon in: THE ANTICHRIST OF KOKOMO COUNTY

Worried that his son might be the spawn of Satan, a dad will do anything to keep his child from realizing his dark destiny, much to the concern and annoyance of everyone else.
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Pianist in a Bordello

PIANIST IN A BORDELLO is a novel about a liberal Democratic politician with the rather unlikely name of Richard Milhouse Nixon Youngblood. Since he is running for congress in Northern California, he has written an autobiography to address some of the questionable activities of his past.
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Woven through endless descriptions of vomit, urine, more vomit, and a persistent sexism that sometimes veers over the border into outright misogyny is an artfully plotted tale of friendship
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The Ice Cream War

The operators of competing ice cream stores unite in a purposefully comic tag-team to solve the murder of one of their own.
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Black Wolf

BLACK WOLF is an effective depiction of youth from a male point of view in all its natural, yet crude, splendor.
Desperate in DC
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Desperate in D.C.

This humor book about “money, motherhood, and manners in the nation’s capital” describes 11 months – August through June, plus an epilogue with July – in the life of two women living in an upscale Washington, D.C. community called The Village.
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Saint Wally

After a man commits suicide, he teams up with a cast of familiar characters to save God and all of Creation.
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Days of Amber

DAYS OF AMBER is a humorous, well-written account of life at a software development company.
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After his wife is mysteriously kidnapped, Wally Wilson discovers he has a gift. A killer power serve that could vault him to the top of the tennis world – at fifty-three! Coincidence, or not?
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Ralph Pincus

RALPH PINCUS introduces a unique lead character to the literary scene – an average Jewish thirty-something who teams up with a sorcerer and vampire to vanquish evil.