Horror is unleashed as demons invade a peaceful Irish town in: LAKE OF FIRE

A demonic invasion takes over the British Isles and threatens the entire world. Darrows Glen was a peaceful little Irish town – until the demons invaded.
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In the Shadow of St. Anthony

An arrogant, selfish adolescent must find the better man inside him when an old friend is attacked by supernatural forces.
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In the House of Leviathan

Nestled along the Italian coastline, the seas rage outside Amalfi, threatening the fishermen that sustain the city, while a terrifying spirit haunts the Apuzzo family at their paper mill.
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The Carpathian Assignment

The new Chief of Police in the town of Bistritz must track down a murderer of legend: Count Dracula.
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Secret Somethings

SECRET SOMETHINGS is the story of a seemingly perfect love connecting two individuals borne out of their twisted minds. After years of struggling with her schizoaffective disorder and feeling stifled by her small town and overbearing family, Judith Kirby meets brilliant and handsome Bryce Clayton by chance.
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A refreshing, humorous and terrifying zombie apocalypse in: The Robusta Incident

It is said that revenge is a dish best served cold. Unfortunately, when creating a zombie army, this is not always possible.
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Try Not to Die at Grandma's House

A young boy and his sister try to survive a car crash, strange animal attacks, and most frightening of all, their grandparents, in a reader-guided adventure.
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Pieces of Ivy

Foxy, FBI Agent Vicki Starr awakens from a nightmare of a woman being brutalized. She soon realizing it to be a clairvoyant experience of the brutal murder of young, beloved teacher Ivy Turner.
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The Bird Room

THE BIRD ROOM is an eclectic gathering of short stories, some of which fit neatly into the traditional horror genre, though most of them are completely and wholly psychological horror stories.
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Ralph Pincus

RALPH PINCUS introduces a unique lead character to the literary scene – an average Jewish thirty-something who teams up with a sorcerer and vampire to vanquish evil.
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BLOOM relates the respective stories of Tennyson Middlebrook and his best friend, Allison, young children living in a world that is on the brink of collapse thanks to a parasitic fungus called “bloom” and that of Lil’it, a feh considered less than human who is passed around like an abused puppy bought on a whim.
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A girl named Jack was raised to be a killer. A cult leader/evil sorcerer named Cyrus trained her to be the perfect assassin, and by the time she was teenager, she was already murdering like a pro.
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Dead Soul Mary

A deadly virus is making the rounds, spread by a psychopath loosed on the world by a legal technicality, a virus that affects everyone it comes in contact with, bringing violence and horror to an unspeakable level.
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Unnamed prisoners, with monikers like “Unknown,” “Ambiguous,” “Nose” and “Stud” share stories, the sorts of stories that, depending on which TV show you watch, prisoners are either never or always relating: what brought them there.
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Bleeker Hill

In Russell Mardell’s BLEEKER HILL, the United Kingdom has dissolved…
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House of Bathory

Countess Erzebet Bathory was a legendary sadist, a torturer and murderer who bathed in the blood of young women to keep herself beautiful.
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Fraidy Cats

FRAIDY CATS, SS Wilson’s retelling of the Frankenstein story, is a tongue-in-cheek narration presented as the “true” story of Victor Frankenstein and his monster, not the ruminations of a novelist.
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Give The Devil His Due

In A SOUL TO STEAL we met Kate Tassel and Quinn O’Brion and watched as they fall in love. We saw their unbreakable connection and waited with bated breath as they fought their own demons, faced their fears and defeated the murderous Lord Halloween. Add to that the intense passion they share and you have a classic Halloween tale.
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The Darkness of the Womb

Marigold and Jeff Haunt had almost given up trying to have a baby when the unexpected happened and Marigold told Jeff the good news. However, one thing they didn’t anticipate was that the baby would not want to be born—and had a choice in the matter.
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Robert is a black student/wrestler in a mostly white high school in Virginia. The President has been murdered by the First Lady and Heartland Security has been created as part of sweeping laws that include stricter gun control.
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When Miranda Penton arrives in Strandville her first stop to fill up on gas adds to her foreboding about moving to the town. Dozens of missing people flyers wallpaper the bulletin board behind the counter of Porter’s convenience store—all young women gone missing within the past year.
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Jill is actually Rachel Rhodes, a loving mother and wife going through an unhappy separation from her husband - but with a secret life on the side as a bitter, anti-male serial killer nicknamed "Jill the Ripper" by the police.
One Blood by Qwantu Amaru
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One Blood

Not only is One Blood an amazing narrative, told from the perspectives of various characters stretching from slavery to present day, but it builds upon these characters with plot twists aplenty.