Hollywood Fiction

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SOME LIKE ‘EM DEAD Reimagines A Classic Flick Infused With Murder and Mayhem

Rating: 2.7
SOME LIKE ‘EM DEAD Reimagines A Classic Marilyn Monroe Flick Infused Witth Murder and Mayhem
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When Your Song Breaks the Silence

Rating: 4
Though he died in his early thirties, Franz Schubert managed to leave behind a large body of work. That someone working nearly two hundred years ago could create music that is still popular today is a testament to the staying power of one man’s creative ability.
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Thanksgiving 1942

Rating: 5
The story follows two brothers and their return to Pittsburgh to spend one last Thanksgiving with their family before they are deployed during WWII.
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Fortunate One

Rating: 3
Kevin Cohen’s novel Fortunate One is a loud, broadly written, sometimes graphic but still intriguing story of the excesses of the Hollywood elite and the untold minions who work for them.
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North of Sunset

Rating: 3
A noir-ish story about two seemingly different characters who are both cold, self-centered, seek fame and—who are in many ways—the same.