Historical Fiction

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A cat’s eye view of Jesus’s life in: THE CATS OF REKEM

A family of cats and humans are required to learn how to live by a new religion, after their lives are touched by Yeshua of Nazareth.
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A curious group of pioneers explore Polynesia in: PAST THE LAST ISLAND

A motley group of explorers, misfits, inventors and dreamers sails away from the world they know in order to discover new lands and new homes.
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Set in Finland, LOST GROUND’s World War II story is unique and compelling.

Many stories that take place during World War II come from an American point of view, but few of them are set in Finland.
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A prominent and spunky young protagonist grows up on a colorful southern farm in SOUTH OF EVERYTHING.

SOUTH OF EVERYTHING follows the story of a precocious and thoughtful young girl as she grows up on her wealthy family’s plantation in west Tennessee during the 1940s.
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In the House of Leviathan

Nestled along the Italian coastline, the seas rage outside Amalfi, threatening the fishermen that sustain the city, while a terrifying spirit haunts the Apuzzo family at their paper mill.
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Mummy's the word in: Abracadabra Tut

Fletcher Perry, a somewhat nerdy middle school student and amateur magician is the unexpected recipient of an Egyptian coffin that was sold at an auction.
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Two groups struggle to find solace in a hectic world in: The Last Hanging in Scots Bend

In the aftermath of the Civil War, a simmering rivalry between two families boils over as Stash Harris avenges his mother and father's murder. The sentence is death by hanging.
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A hijacking on the Panama Isthmus railroad in: Isthmus

As war gathers in the United States in 1860, a train is hijacked in Panama, bringing disparate personalities together as hijackers, hostages, lawmen, and innocent bystanders are all drawn into a violent, life-or-death drama.
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The Secret Ballot

A stirring alternate history that asks what would have happened if the 2008 American presidential election had used computerized voting. In an alternative 2008, it is two weeks until the election and the debut of a new, fully computerized federal election system.
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Anna's Bear: 5 Days of Moral Conflict and Pursuit - A young girl evokes compassion in Nazi Germany.

Three followers of the Third Reich learn that their Nazi beliefs don’t fit well into reality when they are forced to face the horrible truth of Nazism as it relates to the health and survival of a sick child. They decide on their own to do something drastic in order to save her.
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Tensions build in the changing face of the colonial Northwest in: Widow Walk

LaSalle weaves together several narratives about cultural and territorial tensions in this novel of the Old Pacific Northwest.
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Ere àwòrán

A well-researched tale of an African slave and two abolitionists during the American Civil War. Ere àwòrán means “little statue,” referring to the carved figurine that Osumaka, gives to his young son Bwana as a reminder that his father is always with him even when off on a hunt.
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A man struggles for redemption by rescuing jewish refugees in: Before The Court Of Heaven

A young German nationalist, a collaborator in the assassination of Walter Rathenau, finds healing and redemption in rescuing refugees from the Nazis he once supported.
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Gettysburg 1913

GETTYSBURG 1913 takes place 50 years after the battle, at the Great Reunion of both Union and Confederate veterans, many in their 80s, who came together one last time to commemorate the battle.
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The Immigrant

A young Scotsman is brought to America as an indentured servant and must build a new life for himself and his family.
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Passing Through Perfect

Set in the 1950's, PASSING THROUGH PERFECT is the story of Benjamin’s and his family’s struggle to live in a world that looks down on them for the color of their skin. When one of their own is killed in a hit and run and the justice system refuse to convict the white man responsible, the family must rely on their faith to try and build a new life for themselves in the North.
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Witch's Dark

All is not well in Colonial Massachusetts in 1736.The witches of Salem have become restive, demons prowl the colony and the Rattlesnake Society is challenging the iron fist of the Crown. In order to protect Boston from the spells cast by the witches, Gov. Whitelocke has employed Dr. Ephraim Rush as the colonial Doctor of Magical Sciences.
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Adzul: The Heirs of the Medallion

ADZUL: THE HEIRS OF THE MEDALLION begins some five centuries ago when the Conquistadores destroyed the village of Pattiti in the Peruvian Andes. Adzul, the only survivor, was a young Incan warrior who inherited a strange medallion from his grandfather.
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The Dark Side of Glory

Tasked with writing the biography of a deceased Army veteran, Matthew Clark begins to uncover long-uncovered secrets of the general’s personal life.
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Lake of Slaves

LAKE OF SLAVES is a thoroughly researched historical novel featuring both real and fictional characters centered around a group of British settlers opposed to the slave trade in the 1880s Lake Nyasa region of Africa.