Graphic Novel

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In a futuristic society ruled by corporations, a pair of scientists fight to save the planet’s population from genocide.
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The final installment in Howard Shapiro’s Forever Friends trilogy, HOCKEY KARMA, follows the dual protagonists Jeremiah “Jake” Jacobson, an athlete well known for his prowess on the ice, and his friend/agent, Tom Leonard.
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Angels and madmen in: ANGELBOY VOL. 2

A young angel with heroic powers finds himself in the middle of a dangerous feud between childhood friends in this fast-paced graphic novel.
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A hockey star and high school student team up to push through their troubles: The Hockey Saint

High school aged Tom Leonard gets the nerve to meet his hockey mentor Jake, and discovers that even mentors have their demons. Together the two of them battle both Jake and Tom’s demons in this heartwarming tale of friendship.
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I And You

A young woman raised in a Randian utopia realizes that her perfect country is not all that it seems.
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Angelboy Vol. 1

Cyrus Michael is a punkish teen who is murdered for no apparent reason. In death, he wants to live and manages to return to the world the living in a different town in a different form – he’s now “Angelboy” and he wants to redeem his worthless past.
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Sleek, stylish, realistic and ominous, "2084" is an Orwellian world on steroids.
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"Modicum" is a best-of selection of bursts of whimsy from the Austin-native’s prolific output throughout the 2000s.
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Fuffys: F**ked Up Fairytales

Some tales are takeoffs on the familiar models--Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel, except here Rapunzel is incredibly horny, her prince well endowed.

Detecting Magic with Dick Hunter: The Mort des Hommes Files

A Seattle private eye is searching for a missing husband, only to witness his gruesome murder at the hands of an unearthly beast named Mort des Hommes.
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5 Shots

A graphic novel that weaves five tales of murder, mayhem, and action a private eye who can read people's minds.