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A Gift of Wings

Lucinda "Lucky" Monroe has just had to put her grandmother -- the woman who raised her after her mother died giving birth -- in an assisted care facility because the older woman's Alzheimer's has made looking after her too difficult.
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The Boston 395

"The Boston 395" is a fantasy novel set primarily on a mysterious train that takes people on a trip through their memories.
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Fractured: Lisen of Solsta

A unique, refreshing work of fantasy following the tumultuous life of Lisen, a seventeen-year-old self-proclaimed “valley girl,” as she is torn from her old life and thrust into an alternate dimension.
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The Prince of Ravens

The Prince of Ravens is set in a world run by a powerful and ruthless Empress and her seven children, each holding a talisman granting them the power of a particular creature.
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Memory’s Wake

A dark-haired girl dressed in blue jeans and a tee-shirt wakes up in a world filled with magical spells and wizards, but no recollection of her past.
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The Silver Sphere

The Silver Sphere takes place on the world of Azimuth, a planet with elements of both fantasy (mythical creatures, swords and sorcery, cloaks and horses and all) and science fiction (space ships and star darts).
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Living With Your Past Selves

Taliesin Weaver was an ordinary boy until one day, all of his past reincarnations' memories awakened, sending him into an emotional and physical crisis that nearly killed him.
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Shu'Alu: Dragons Will Weep

Princess Saraceirra, the part-human heiress of the kingdom of Shakuvia, is orphaned when the evil cat-woman sends her armies of dark elves to attack Sara's mother's palace.
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Ascension (Legacy of Ruin)

Elemia is a distant land under the power of a strange force called the Ruin. Cities like Metropia that once brimmed with the hustle and bustle of urban life now stand mostly silent.
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Cascade follows the career of Bai Jiang, who at the age of ten, joins the army of Li, an empire which has been engaged for many years in warfare with its rivals, Tanaka and their allies the Smiths (a more Western-style kingdom ruled by Queen Marigold).
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The Last Falcon

Erynn, a 14 year old girl, is hiding in a cave after watching her father murdered by thieves.
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Relics and Wonders: Lombard's Amulet

When a thirteen year-old girl is kidnapped from an elf palace, a series of events is set in motion that threatens to forever alter the world around her.
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The Trinity Signs

Mankind is in danger and there is no one better to help than Tobias Ramsey, the last remaining member of the Guardians, a special group of knights supported by the Vatican.
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Neal Wooten has woven together bible-based Christianity, cutting-edge science and a surprise element of fantasy. Wooten’s tale is a coming-of-age story concerning a young man conflicted between Christianity and a deep fascination with science.
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A Greater Monster

Katzman bundles all we associate with genre-plot, character development, obstacle and resolution—and tosses them into a hamper. There is no adequate way to describe this book in traditional terms.
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High school sophomore Alex Kosmitoras is blind. And just when he thinks his loser life isn’t hard enough, he can see - into the future.
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The Crimson Battle Axe

Gnarl, who wields the eponymous axe, fights against his oppressors, the humans, who for over a hundred years have enslaved his people. Thelady, the daughter of a human warrior, is an unlikely symbol of kindheartedness in an otherwise malicious species. She should be Gnarl’s natural enemy, but when Gnarl meets Thelady, he vows to protect her if she should ever need it.
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Oracle: Sunken Earth

Oracle: Sunken Earth, the first book in C. W. Trisef’s seven-title Ret Cooper series, begins with Ret washed ashore after a particularly severe hurricane, a storm which cost the life of his Coast Guard captain rescuer.
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Neiko's Five Land Adventure

Amanda Hawk is an eighteen year old girl from Loganville, Georgia who becomes brave warrior Captain Neiko Kidd in the make-believe land of Quari, where she leads her action figures against the evil Crackedskulls.
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Darien Lauchlin has just been made a Grand Master of Aerysius when his brother, Aiden—who has just made a pact with the Lord of the Netherworld, Xerys—uses his power to utterly destroy Aerysius, a city high on a mountain.
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The Toy Sorcerer

Fourteen year-old Alice Towers has awful dreams…nightmares really, where she is unable to walk. We are tossed into this scenario, which quickly moves from to unstable to surreal. It seems that Alice is trapped in The Realm of Dreams, where human dreams become reality.
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Misfits & Heroes: West From Africa

The act of a social outcast releasing a wanderer from her bonds begins a story that soon intertwines the lives of many with the history of Africa and Western exploration. The time is approximately 12,000 BC when Naaba and Asha meet and start their unconventional journey.
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The Darkening Dream

It is 1913 and the residents of Salem, MA, have no idea that their bustling town has recently become home to feuding vampires on the trail of a long lost treasure.