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In a dystopian world where the president has cast himself in the role of a god and high school students must compete to prove their loyalty in order to avoid military service, Vela finds herself torn between society's expectations and her own moral compass.
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A harrowing post-apocalyptic trek across a war-torn and devastated US in THE AFTER WAR

THE AFTER WAR: PART I TO ALICE is a gripping tale about the great lengths people will go in order to stay alive and protect those they love in a cruel and lawless world.
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An outcast against zombies in: STONEWALL VALLEY

Biff Christen is a smart-talking juvenile delinquent in a world where delinquency, and for that matter most other things, is not tolerated.
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War of Rain

WAR OF RAIN tells the story of Miri, a 15-year-old who lives in Boreala, a village in a parched desert where Rain is venerated. The citizens of Boreala compete with neighboring Stratos for Rain.
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The 52nd

An immortal family of gods, goddesses, and demi-gods watch over a cycle of sacrifices to appease the denizens of the Underworld. For the first time, a sacrifice will survive, setting into motion an adventure tinged with romance that shatters the uneasy balance
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Federation City

The Federation, a dystopian city thriving in the aftermath of a Toxic Era, starts to unravel as teenage boys begin disappearing from the seemingly peaceful city. Taren Manning sets out to find his missing friend and finds himself kidnapped; kick starting an adventure that caroms into the city’s underworld and nearby Hinterlands.
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Dark Matter Tiding

A drone engineer on the run from the FBI must defend her family ranch against invaders made psychotic by a tide of dark matter overwhelming the Earth.
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It is ten years since The Impact, the day when meteors struck the earth. The city of Boston has become a dark, dust driven scape with a small fraction of its population alive and living the semi feral life of scavenging tribes.
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Curse of the Thrax

A young man, the son of a warchief in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, must find his destiny as the one prophesied to bring down an evil king.
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Cloud Storage

Samuel Astbury's CLOUD STORAGE is a stream-of-consciousness ramble through nightclub hedonism in East Asia, from a Northern English point of view.
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The Book of Death

THE BOOK OF DEATH by Australian writer Ramy Tadros opens with a lone man journeying through a magnificently ruined metropolis, where he encounters vile, boil-ridden citizenry dependent on the dictates of a corrupt and dying State.