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Ask the Authors: What’s Your Favorite Bedtime Story?

We’ve asked several children’s books authors – who may have already added to the memories you’re making with your own children – what bedtime stories they hold dear.

Your Best Bets for Page-to-Screen Adaptations in 2013: Part 1

As an avid moviegoer, I enjoy finding out what new films are coming to the multiplex near me. I thought you might, too.

Handpicked Presents for Every Writer and Reader on Your List

At a loss on what to buy that quirky writer or reader you hold so dear? Let us help. We’ve picked a slew of gifts specifically with scribes and avid readers in mind.

8 Apps That No Writer Should Live Without

As mobile technology continues to advance, more and more apps are popping up to make our lives easier – and not just the recreational part of it either.

What’s on Your Playlist?

Music has many magical powers. It helps mend a broken heart. It makes your father’s fourth wedding more bearable. It sets the mood as you cruise down a coastal highway, top down, while the salty air whips your hair.

Ghost of Authors Past:
How to Dress as 13 Famous (But Dead) Writers This Halloween

This year, ditch the dull duds and get gussied up in an outfit that you’ll be proud to wear. This list of literary icons provides adequate inspiration to get you in the spirit, and all the pieces can be found in your closet, online, or in a costume or thrift shop. Now there’s absolutely no excuse to look lame… again. Time to get litty with it.

Asking Indie Authors: What Inspires You?

I’ve always been intrigued by what inspires my fellow writers – especially those who are able to find the extraordinary in the mundane and translate it into a spectacular story that ultimately serves as a testament to that particular writer’s brilliance – and it’s that curiosity that led me to query a diverse pool of authors for this post.

7 Pop Culture Icons Who Famously Suffered From Writer’s Block

The next time you’re at a loss for words, rest assured that you’re not alone. You’re in pretty good company, actually.

10 Time-Sucking Traps to Avoid When Working From Home

Ever get sidetracked by a funny/cute/OMG viral video that you simply can’t not watch?

Break Through: 25 Helpful Ways to Chip Away at Writers’ Block

Writer’s block has affected every writer who has ever touched pen to paper – from a few minutes to several years – resulting in missed deadlines, abandoned projects, increased stress, self-medication, grey hair, tempter tantrums, overeating, and a lengthy list of other consequences and pursued vices.

12 Ways to Add Activity to Your Workday to Avoid an Early Death

Turns out even healthy habits like regular exercise and not smoking won’t save you from the early death that a new study says is the result of sitting down for more than three hours a day.

6 Ways to Ward Off After-Lunch Fatigue

It would be easy to kick off my shoes and take a nap after lunch, for sure. But I don’t. Just like that “real” job, I treat my self-run business the same – I have stringent work hours to which I must adhere. Anything less is unacceptable.

The Apple-ization of You: How to Build Your Personal Brand

An article on VentureBeat suggests that the corporate giant – and one of the most profitable companies in the world – “is only 30 percent about the tech and 70 percent about the branding.”

5 Ways Freelancers Can Cultivate New Clients

Luckily, one of my areas of expertise – and why I’m able to continue to freelance full time and thrive in NYC – is my resourcefulness. I built a client base with virtually no capital by casting a wide net to find those clients who needed my services.
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8 Ways to Be More Productive When Working From Home

At first, I loved it. I didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn; if I didn’t feel like showering and getting dressed, I didn’t have to; and I could make my own schedule. Those perks of having a home-based business are what I longed for. But, as anyone who works from home will tell you, they lose their appeal quickly.

Get Out of Your Home-Based Rut

5 Reasons Coworking Environments Are Beneficial to Your Business