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A witch, a wolf-shifting man and others looking for love in: PRIMROSE AND THE WOLF

By J.A. Fales

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PRIMROSE AND THE WOLF is a fun, funny feeling-fueled multi-love story; the Love Actually of the Supernatural Realm.

Life for one uniquely powerful, immortal witch turns into a topsy-turvy family matter when an ex-lover, wolf-shifter shows up on the witch’s doorstep seeking help in this lively paranormal romance.

One witch named Primrose Huxley is cursed with bad luck in love along with her sisters Bluebell, Clover, and Iris.  For Primrose – one arrogant, wolf-shifting man named Mason Geroux seeks her because he needs a favor, but finds he needs much more. Geroux discovers Primrose stands a witch of great strength – a strength that others like an ambitious demon and a misunderstood grandmother Huxley plot to control. Meanwhile the rest of the Huxley sisters struggle with their love lives as the demon continues to pursue Primrose Huxley’s trail.

In this paranormal romance, love is just as much of an issue for the Huxley sisters as it is for Primrose.

PRIMROSE AND THE WOLF is not just a romance for two characters. It’s a romance for many characters. The multiple romances in the novel provide multiple relationships from more than one sexual orientation with which  readers can empathize or sympathize. This aspect of the novel – though positive – does create some confusion as to who should be the focus of the story. Primrose and Mason’s love story seems lacking in depth and too shared in page number with the other love stories for one to confidently say their story is the main love story.

This book is jam-packed with dialogue. For one that likes light and humorous repartee and “the feels” over the action, PRIMROSE AND THE WOLF is a solid choice. Not to say the book is devoid of action – but the action and sex scenes are relatively sparse and chaste. Although the lack of balance between the dialogue and action (i.e. pages versus paragraphs) does get tiresome, the light tone of the book is forgiving with some of the extra dialogue.

There are numerous themes in this novel but perhaps not enough space to develop them in just under two hundred pages. With a little more space to develop, this novel might not feel skimped or lacking in the depth. Still, this book is entertaining, has plenty of playful characters and creative ideas to make it a fulfilling read.

PRIMROSE AND THE WOLF is a fun, funny feeling-fueled multi-love story; the Love Actually of the Supernatural Realm.


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