Wanderer's Children

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The Wanderer’s Children

By L.G. O'Connor

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THE WANDERER'S CHILDREN is a satisfying and nuanced read for fans of the series and newbies alike.
Wanderer's Children

The second book in the Angelorum Twelve Chronicles, THE WANDERER’S CHILDREN follows the pulse-pounding and frequently erotic travails of a group of humans with mystical bloodlines who are “called” to serve their communities. This time, however, there’s a traitor in their midst.

To quote Iggy Pop, rock star Brett is “bored with looking good.” He blows off an interview with Rolling Stone and leaves his tour to get away from the limelight and back into the good graces of an attractive, seemingly down to earth woman named Cara he met six months before. However, Cara is now engaged and experiencing a transformation of her own from ordinary mortal into a woman with exceptional powers. When she and Brett meet again, they feel a powerful pull towards each other, even though Cara is genuinely in love with her fiancée Simon. It turns out Brett is more than just a rock’n roll superstar; he also carries the blood of The Wanderer, an angelic figure who has been carefully impregnating chosen women to help create a group of specially endowed humans. Unfortunately, the joy of Brett’s personal discovery is darkened when news reaches them that the Wanderer has been murdered. There’s a traitor on the angelic High Council, and the Wanderer’s Children must discover who it is before evil decimates them all.

Combining a marvelous talent for emotional resonance with a naturally light, playful attitude towards sex and romance, L.G. O’Connor creates a rich, complex world that realistically explores joy, pain, fame, child abuse, and the insanely complex and frightening realities of pre-established hierarchies. Although set in a supernatural milieu, the emotions and situations these characters find themselves in ring with a clarity that is unforgettable.

THE WANDERER’S CHILDREN is a satisfying and nuanced read for fans of the series and newbies alike.


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