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True love is obtainable at any age according to FINDING LOVE AFTER 40

By Belinda Busteed Burum

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FINDING LOVE AFTER 40 is well-researched, logically organized, and professionally edited and offers inspiring anecdotal evidence that love is available to everyone without having to compromise values or settle for someone, merely to avoid being single.

FINDING LOVE AFTER 40 provides insightful anecdotes about various ways in which people have found the most fulfilling love of their lives, anywhere from mid-life through old age.

Well-researched, logically organized, and professionally edited, FINDING LOVE AFTER 40 does one thing above all others. It offers hope. Combining the author’s personal experiences with those of her friends, family, acquaintances, and published interviews/broadcasts with public figures, such as Cameron Diaz, David Bowie, George Clooney, and Jerry Hall, along with the findings of several authors, the book shares stories and offers suggestions of how others have found true love later in life.

Unlike most other books on finding love that recommend specific plans of action, this book does not endorse any one guaranteed method for finding love. Even so, the author does have one piece of advice that she repeats frequently: You must get out there and meet people, go on dates, and sift through the masses to find the one you want. She emphasizes that sitting home alone and waiting for Mr. Right to ring the doorbell is an ineffective plan. Likewise, adhering to strict criteria (especially in the area of physical appearance) may close your eyes to a potential love interest that’s right in front of you. Examples of finding love in unexpected places and with unexpected people are explored in the chapter titled “Surprise Packages.”

Included among the 16 chapters are stories of people with varying religious beliefs, educational backgrounds, sexual practices, and marital experience. For example, the chapter titled “Holding Out for Mr./Mrs. Right,” explores the story of Christine and John. Christine, an African American woman and conservative Christian, maintained a policy of strict abstinence before marriage, along with a vow to never have children. She eventually married when she was 40, and compromised on having children, but finally found a man who shared her religious beliefs and valued her sexual purity. (Women with more promiscuous backgrounds and secular beliefs also share their stories.)

The author provides extensive notes in the back that detail where she obtained the material used in the book. The notes also include album information about song titles used to begin each chapter. It’s unclear whether the song titles themselves are what is relevant or the message contained within each song. Many of these songs may be unknown to readers, making the inclusion of their titles somewhat confusing. This small misstep, however, doesn’t lessen the book’s success at providing hope and guidance to hopeless romantics.

FINDING LOVE AFTER 40: REAL STORIES ABOUT REAL LOVE IN THE PRIME OF LIFE AND A LITTLE BEYOND provides insightful anecdotes about various ways in which people have found the most fulfilling love of their lives, anywhere from mid-life through old age.

~Carol Michaels for IndieReader