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By Erik Korsvik Østergaard

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THE RESPONSIVE LEADER is a worthwhile blueprint for all levels of leadership, lighting the path to greater success and more meaningful work in an ever-changing world.
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THE RESPONSIVE LEADER offers practical advice for becoming a more effective leader in the constantly evolving world of business.

It’s no surprise that technology is drastically changing the way the world does business. And as the business world changes, business leaders need to change with it. In THE RESPONSIVE LEADER: HOW TO BE A FANTASTIC LEADER IN A CONSTANTLY CHANGING WORLD, author Erik Korsvik Østergaard demonstrates exactly how to do that. Østergaard proposes a revolutionary new approach to leadership in an age where change happens at the speed of light. Using the methods outlined in THE RESPONSIVE LEADER, leaders can take their companies to new heights by creating a culture of engagement, meaningfulness, and relevancy to employees and customers.

Østergaard draws on his experience of management and leadership in the technology and software fields to outline his vision for the future of work. But while he writes within the context of the tech industry, leaders across all professional niches can apply his lessons and benefit from his expertise. Østergaard’s vision also fits corporations of all sizes, be they huge international conglomerates, locally owned small businesses, long-established institutions, or fledgling startups. Leaders in any type of industry or organization will find a wealth of practical advice for navigating the ever-changing world of business with ease and grace.

The writing style of THE RESPONSIVE LEADER is no-nonsense and down-to-earth without the showmanship typical of some of today’s so-called thought leaders. The fact that Østergaard doesn’t come across as a guru-like figure at all gives his book a winsome combination of warmth and practicality. Though it can be slightly dry at times, the straightforward text is refreshingly free of buzzwords and overused adjectives such as “awesome,” “epic,” “killer,” and “kickass.”

Østergaard backs up all of his claims with thorough research culled from existing works, citing each source meticulously. Detailed charts and diagrams boost the book’s readability as well as provide clean representations of Østergaard’s points for visual reinforcement. All chapters end with a helpful summary of the main ideas to make them stick even more efficiently. The editing is flawless, and the text flows effortlessly. Finally, the book concludes with a selection of case studies showing successful real-life applications of its lessons.

Much of the subject matter in THE RESPONSIVE LEADER has been covered before, and likely will be covered again. Still, Østergaard has put together a valuable resource for anyone who’s a leader, or who would like to be a leader, in the new world of work.

THE RESPONSIVE LEADER is a worthwhile blueprint for all levels of leadership, lighting the path to greater success and more meaningful work in an ever-changing world.

~Heather McNamara for IndieReader