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By Brit Lunden

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THE DEVIL AND DAYNA DALTON by Brit Lunden is an interesting, well-paced novel spun with romance, darkness, and mythological intrigue.

THE DEVIL AND DAYNA DALTON is the stand-alone book 9 in "A Bulwark Anthology", a fantasy series by Brit Lunden.

Dayna Dalton is a reporter in the small town of Bulwark, Georgia, whose existence has been plagued by the stain of her mother’s bad reputation. Dayna’s life has been a series of questionable choices, questionable men, and the inability to shake off the negative reputation projected onto her. The only person who has ever been able to bring out the best in Dayna is the town’s sheriff, the solid, dependable Clay Finnes. Dayna’s longtime feelings for Clay continually go unreturned, and Dayna finds herself falling into an unexpected relationship with a dangerous and irresistible stranger. Around her, the town begins to descend into a series of unusual and unexplainable events, and Dayna falls deeper into the overpowering mix of seduction and darkness being offered to her by that mysterious man whose entire existence seems to hover just at the edge of rational explanation.

The characterization is great in THE DEVIL AND DAYNA DALTON. The reader gets an immediate sense of Dayna and the struggles she has grappled with her entire life, without her every thought being spelled out right up front with nothing left to discover. The entire novel is layer after layer of discovery, and as you get deeper into the narrative it only becomes more and more intriguing. Dayna is an interesting protagonist, whose actions and intentions lay somewhere in the gray zone, which makes her all the more compelling. The backstories and history between each character serve to paint a fully fleshed out picture, though there were moments where the characterization and narrative could have benefited from more detailed interactions between certain characters.

THE DEVIL AND DAYNA DALTON is a part of a larger collection, The Bulwark Series, and though the pacing of this novel marches along steadily, it doesn’t quite stand alone as much as it could have. The lack of context about the bigger picture sometimes made the narrative a little hard to grasp and it might have more staying power if it were able to function on its own a bit more. With that being said, the author’s writing style is fantastic and successfully leads the reader to a dark and surprising ending.

THE DEVIL AND DAYNA DALTON by Brit Lunden is an interesting, well-paced novel spun with romance, darkness, and mythological intrigue.

~Chloe Rabinowitz for IndieReader