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The battle of good and evil in society: SIR COFFIN GRAVES

By Leinad Platz

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SIR COFFIN GRAVES is a worthy read that generates and strives to answer many questions about society.

This exploration of the forces of good and evil, and how they fight for power in a society is alternately hopeful and dark.

Jacob Davis, an unmotivated 19-year-old, works as a salesman in a local furniture store. He lives in the mortician’s house in a cemetery along with a man he believes is his father, and makes additional money digging graves. His life takes an unexpected turn when he meets 21-year-old Jill Stone, a local television reporter, who is actually more than just a beautiful woman. And she knows Jacob is something more as well. When Jacob goes into the “casket refurbishing” business with his only friend, Patrick Williams, his life takes a number of unexpected turns as he learns about his past and searches for the reason of his being.

Author Leinad Platz’s strengths lie in his ability to create vivid images. His characters and settings come alive with graphic descriptions, some of which are pleasant and loving, others of which are dark, menacing, disturbing and violent. Each section of the story builds to a loud crescendo, leaving feelings of euphoria or despair. It is a rollercoaster ride through an otherworld. However, the message of this novel is murky. There is a definite fight between good, represented by Jacob/Collin and the “Soulmadds”, and evil, represented by his “father”, Henry Davis, and the “Regulators”, but it’s difficult to tell just what Platz is really trying to skewer with his tale. Is he taking on governments and conspiracies and their attempt at absolute control over the world; or is he making a statement about the guiding powers of organized and alternate religions? The story isn’t clear on this matter, which distracts from the story. The novel concludes with a cliffhanger that is unsatisfying. It is disappointing that the story arc created in this novel is not completed in this volume; it feels unfinished.

SIR COFFIN GRAVES is a worthy read that generates and strives to answer many questions about society.


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