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By Gustavo Razzetti

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Unlike other books of this type (ie inspirational), Razzetti eschews New Age Zen and Nietzsche concepts of “That Which Does Not Kill Us Makes Us Stronger,” and instead offers practical advice of how to deal with life in our pinball-like age.
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Gustavo Razzetti's STRETCH FOR CHANGE offers practical advice of how to deal with life in our pinball-like age.

Common and irritating phrases in today’s parlance regarding life’s difficulties are to “own it” and/or “become empowered by it.” But press the proselytizers of such terms as to how, and they stutter and run out of script.  It becomes evident that the mere mention of these terms should be enough for them.

But Gustavo Razzetti is more than an empty sloganeer.  When he does traffic in such politically correct terms, he gives meaning and strategy to the slogans.  He provides practical and viable ways for those buffeted by the rapid fire life that is the 21st century to actually draw energy from and master change. But his strategy for doing so will not be welcome to those not wanting to leave their “comfort zones.”   His advice is akin to the common phrase of “throwing someone in the water to teach them how to swim.”

Although such advice runs the risk of being “tough-minded” and thus alienating, Razzetti never sounds like a drill sergeant, but emerges as an understanding and practical tutor.  And he convincingly shows the rewards that confronting change can bring.  For not only are there psychological benefits, which used to be called “building up your emotional muscle,” but professional ones as well.  He makes the case that those who ascend the career ladder are multi-taskers skilled at adapting to any situation. But embracing change also develops one mentally.  A problem-solving skill, essential to professional success, also equips one with those skills needed to deal with life’s “curve balls.”

Razzetti’s book will not immediately appeal to the insecure and quasi-agoraphobic; but those who stick with it will benefit from the book and leave a comfort zone that is crippling both emotionally and professionally. Mercifully slogan-free, Razzetti ‘s book provides more than a pep-talk; instead he makes the case for confronting and drawing energy from the real world.

~Ron Capshaw for IndieReader

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