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Romance and suspense collide in small town Wyoming in SOME THINGS STAY WITH YOU

By Summer Hines

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SOME THINGS STAY WITH YOU delivers a well balanced tale of romance and suspense, set against a bleak yet beautiful country setting. A satisfying read with a few intriguing twists and a clever heroine.
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A New York City photographer returns to her Wyoming roots only to become entangled in renewed feelings for a longtime friend and her small town’s seedy criminal underbelly.

After a car crash heralds Harper Bennett’s arrival back to her hometown of Avon, Wyoming, all she wants to do is pack up her childhood home and return to New York City. But even her best laid plans aren’t easy when she catches the attention of the local sheriff Cash Bingham, who just so happens to be her best friend from childhood. As she and Cash pick up where they left off years ago, Harper finds that the past is difficult to leave behind. Embroiled in the town’s shady dealings, caught between past and present, Harper and Cash struggle to forge a path toward their futures.

Aptly subtitled “A Windswept Wyoming Romance,” SOME THINGS STAY WITH YOU transports its audience to the blustery open fields and farmlands of rural America. Miles of barren land awash in autumn colors, on the edge of winter, creates a kind of isolation that you can feel permeating the story. Harper even finds herself stuck between missing it and wanting to get back to the bustle of city life. It’s the type of seclusion that breeds tight knit communities where everyone knows everyone else, including everyone else’s business. And for Harper and Cash, that seems to be both the best and worst thing.

Though there are a lot of small town tropes here—which at one point Harper makes a quip about—the familiarity is comfortable. Side characters who are connected to Harper and Cash’s shared high school experience give it an everyman quality that’s easy to relate to. Avon definitely feels like it has a history; a character itself, with all its burgeoning flaws.

More of the typical tropes come into play where Harper and Cash’s romance is concerned, though not all of them are bad, and their banter is enough to keep it exciting as the novel progresses. Harper proves herself a capable heroine, taking risks and putting herself into dangerous situations on par with the hero, Cash. Both of them have their moments of vulnerability and strength, mixed with a volatile combination of stubbornness. The small town crime plot adds an edge to the romance, though some of the story threads could stand to be tied up a little neater.

~Jessica Thomas for IndieReader