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Rock My Bed

By Michelle A. Valentine

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A satisfying and entertaining piece of mind-candy, with enough spice to make it interesting.

Rock My Bed is the story of Audrey, a marketing professional, and Zach, also known as Riff, bad-boy lead guitarist for Black Falcon.

Audrey and her friend Lanie are working on the band’s children’s literacy campaign, while Lanie secretly hopes to get back her old flame, the band’s front man, Noel. In order to pass the time and enjoy herself, Audrey hooks up with Zach, both of them expecting nothing more than a hot one-night stand. However, their casual affair manages to affect both of them more than either thought possible, and they find themselves wanting more than just a hookup. But the old wounds Zach bears from a childhood tragedy, and Audrey’s desire for a more stable life than she thinks he can provide, threaten to come between them. Will they be able to work out their issues in time to find each other for good? And can Noel and Zach settle their own quarrel before it loses both of them the women they love?

This is a solid example of a romance novel, a fine choice for a beach read or a casual hour’s entertainment. The plot is relatively simple and straightforward, told from both perspectives, with the couple drawn irresistibly together despite emotional obstacles placed in their way. The characters are reasonably well-developed and likable. Zach in particular is surprisingly endearing, and the author manages to show enough of the vulnerable little boy behind the tough, jaded rocker to make his transformation to a loving, steady boyfriend at least reasonably plausible. The sex scenes are steamy and passionate, and frequent enough to keep the reader interested.

There are occasional editing issues (“shear” for “sheer,” for example), and the writing can get a bit overblown, particularly during the final scenes of the book. The plot is a bit predictable, and the hero’s brooding sometimes leans towards the melodramatic, but neither of those are necessarily substantial flaws in a romance novel. The book’s biggest issue is a tendency to over-explain thoughts and feelings that would be more effective if simply demonstrated by the characters’ actions and reactions – this is perhaps due to the first-person perspective in which the story is told, as the reader sees a bit too much of each person’s thoughts directly. 

All in all, though, this is a satisfying and entertaining piece of mind-candy, with enough spice to make it interesting. A romance novel fan, particularly one who also enjoys a good heavy metal rock band, will find it a rewarding read.

Reviewed by Catherine Langrehr for IndieReader


**New Adult Romance–Book 2 in the Black Falcon series. This book can be as a stand alone, but reading the first novel and the novella will greatly increase your reading experience.**

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