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PARALLAX: True Crime Tales

By Lance J. LoRusso

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PARALLAX: True Crime Tales is a gripping, unforgettable look into the reality of law enforcement told with sheer honesty and deep humanity.
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PARALLAX: True Crime Tales takes an honest look at the challenges real-life law enforcement officers face to keep the world safe.

Five short stories illustrate the mindset of professional crime fighters, diving deep into their most private thoughts, fears, and hopes.

We rely on our law enforcement officials—detectives, SWAT team officers, and more—to keep us all safe. They stay up for days on end so we can sleep. They lay their lives on the line so we can all go about our lives in peace, all the while never knowing if they’re coming home. But do we ever really stop to think about the sacrifice these heroes make? Do we truly appreciate the challenges they face, the risks they take on to protect us?

Author Lance J. LoRusso draws upon his extensive law enforcement experiences to bring to life the real cop experience in PARALLAX: True Crime Tales, an anthology that presents a raw, honest look at what law enforcement officials really go through to make the world a safer place. Each story delves deeply into the truth of what it’s really like for these courageous men and women to risk life and limb in the name of public safety. What makes these stories most effective is the brilliant human element that LoRusso brings out in his characters. All the players are unflinchingly real and pull you deep into their dangerous world. You can feel their pain at the loss of a brother or sister, taste their fears and anxieties, share in their joy.

PARALLAX offers up five gritty crime stories, all of which explore the vast range of human emotions that law enforcement workers face on the job. First up is the title story, which follows a SWAT team officer at the scene of a bank robbery—unaware that his daughter is inside the bank. In “The Last Set,” a homicide detective’s last case, taking down a blues musician suspected of murder, turns out to be his costliest. “Running” follows the viewpoint of a cop killer on the run, while “A Nasty Habit” portrays a detective who must go toe-to-toe with a sociopathic serial killer. Finally, the collection ends on a hopeful note with “Rose-Colored Glasses,” the uplifting story of a former cop and recovering alcoholic who goes back to face his demons and finds an unexpected source of healing.

With its brutal honesty and unabashed humanity, PARALLAX—the first in a series—will make readers look at the harsh world of law enforcement in a different light and to take a few moments to savor the sacrifices our police officers make day after day.

PARALLAX: True Crime Tales is a gripping, unforgettable look into the reality of law enforcement told with sheer honesty and deep humanity.

~Heather McNamara for IndieReader