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MAKING PHOTOGRAPHY EASY AND FUN: Ten Top Tips to Bring out the Photographer in You

By Angie Patterson

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MAKING PHOTOGRAPHY EASY AND FUN delivers on its premise, providing expert advice and interesting exercises that will delight burgeoning photographers.
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Angie Patterson teaches beginner photographers the basic skills needed to take quality pictures on an SLR digital camera using clear, accessible language and plenty of visual aids.

Angie Patterson offers ten tips to improve the reader’s photography skills with an SLR digital camera in this in-depth but accessible guide. These are simple and efficient lessons for beginners who may feel intimidated about using their cameras. As the author mentions, the manuals that come with these devices often use technical language that a novice camera operator may not be familiar with. Patterson points out where readers can find the important information in their manuals and translates some of the confusing jargon. Readers will learn how to adjust the quality of the photos they take to look optimal for different print sizes, how to hold a camera properly to prevent “camera shake,” and how to adjust the white balance for different levels of light. For readers ready to experiment with different focusing options, Patterson explains how to switch from auto focus to manual and how to find focus points when aiming a camera.

The layout of the pages is convenient and practical. When a new camera function is introduced, the author includes a box with a magnifying lens symbol at the bottom of the page telling readers where to find it on their camera, or where to look in the camera’s manual for instructions on how to find it. New functions are also accompanied by a large gray box with a bullseye symbol that offers practice exercises for readers to try out on their own. Throughout the text, Patterson also provides anecdotes from her own experience as a photographer, often describing mistakes that she’s made. These candid (no pun intended) stories will put the beginner photographer at ease, as they demonstrate that everybody has to start somewhere and the best way to learn how to do something is by trying, and sometimes learning from failure. She also covers an array of different possible photography scenarios, so whether the reader is planning on taking portraits, nature shots, or just about anything in between, this guidance should prove useful. The book ends with a reference guide that summarizes all 10 points covered in the book for a quick refresher course anytime it’s needed.

MAKING PHOTOGRAPHY EASY AND FUN delivers on its premise, providing expert advice and interesting exercises that will delight burgeoning photographers.

~Lisa Butts for IndieReader

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