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It’s a pirate’s life in: CAPTAIN NO-BEARD

By Carole P Roman

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CAPTAIN NO BEARD takes children into a world of pirates and imagination.
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In this delightful journey, Captain No Beard takes children to the world of pirates and reveals the possibilities of imagination.

Mongo the monkey, Linus the lion, Fribbit the frog and first mate (and cousin), Hollie are Captain No Beard’s fearless crew sailing aboard “the mighty frigate” – the Flying Dragon. Captain No Beard commands his happy crew with the typical pirate lingo, such as “Swab the decks, pump the bilges, climb the mast, and shiver me timbers.” When First Mate Hollie asks what “Shiver me timbers” mean, Captain No Beard tries to push the responsibility off on Hollie, telling her a good first mate should know these things. She puts the onus back on Captain No Beard by telling him she can’t know if he doesn’t tell her. So . . . Captain No Beard pulls out the handy dandy pirate dictionary to discover that “shiver me timbers” means ”oh my goodness.” With that out of the way, the crew is free to repeat the expression with confidence, while they battle storms, almost lose Hallie overboard and spot a mermaid who bears treasure. The funny mermaid barks her own orders to tidy the bed and clean the room. As she sets down a plate of golden cookies, she requests that no crumbs be left from the “doubloons.”

The curious and likeable animal and human characters in a world of imaginary pirates have the potential to spark further storylines and discussion between children and parents. While the story is basic, it is a lovely way to introduce young children to pirate lingo. More importantly, it conveys the positive relationships and themes, such as cooperation and teamwork between the children and crew, and taking time to learn and discover new things. In this day of technology, it is also refreshing to see a children’s book that extols the virtue of using not only using a dictionary, but one’s imagination.  The highlight of this book is the dynamic, evocative and colorful full-page illustrations that effectively capture the animated crew’s expressions and beautifully complement the story.

CAPTAIN NO BEARD takes children into a world of pirates and imagination.


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