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Inspirational insights on spiritual progress lead to emotional and mental wellness in: MAYBE GOD HAS A BETTER IDEA

By Robb F

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MAYBE GOD HAS A BETTER IDEA is nothing less than refreshment for the soul.

A collection of life experiences and lessons learned turn into thought-provoking insights and life-changing activities.

Robb F.’s recent book is, as he states aptly, “about Recovery.” Though there are AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) overtones, Robb makes it clear that life is filled with traumatic events, and with trauma, people will naturally gravitate to something for temporary comfort and relief. Although recovery is key, the question that remains is how it is approached. Robb candidly shares about his personal traumas and the process that he takes of “letting go and letting God” be in control. As he contends, “God really does have a better idea!”

In this second edition (five years since the first edition), Robb’s writing focuses on daily improvement in understanding “that whom we call God.” Broadly defining what and who God is, which frees his audience to draw their own conclusions, Robb incorporates that concept within a variety of forty plus topics and then groups them into couplets. Robb presents each topic with a message—most often set in a free verse format, followed by an activity. Whether a mental exercise or an opportunity for journal writing, the activities are designed to be a time of introspection. That said, Robb’s book in a very condensed sense is reminiscent of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, which Robb also brings up in one of his topic lessons.

Robb’s topics range from predictable to oddly unexpected. Simple “predictable” one-word titles reflect themes such as Acceptance, Responsibility, and Faith, while others go a step further—Selfishness, Entrapment, and Fears. Yet with each topic, Robb slowly takes his readers to a deeper level of self-awareness. A few among the “oddly unexpected” list include titles like False (Fixed) Ideas, Toxic and Other Parasitic People, and Trading Addictions. Robb breaks the intensity of the introspective exercises with a flurry of fitting and mainly funny animal pictures. Robb closes with appendices on the 12-step program and idea for meditation.

MAYBE GOD HAS A BETTER IDEA is nothing less than refreshment for the soul.


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