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By Michael Goddart

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IN SEARCH OF LOST LIVES is an epic journey through one mind and soul's spiritual development over thousands of lives.

Most of us don’t remember our past lives, if we have any. But Michael Goddart does, or believes he does, and in this book, he traces his way back through centuries and a selection of the most important of his 4,137 human lives, including several in Atlantia and Lemuria and on the planets Vazin and Jorlu. Since he believes that, having been initiated by a true guide into meditative practice, he will not be reborn again into a physical body after this life, there is no apparent reason for him now not to have memories of the lives he has lived, and he has therefore been given the chance to get a full view of his past. In this book, he describes memories of significant events and lessons learned in his various lives.

He gives specific details for most of these lives concerning dates (rather impressively specific, given how many of these lives were spent in cultures with totally different dating systems), his appearance, the community in which he lived, significant people he knew, and significant experiences he had. Sometimes he talks about how his experiences in one past life or another affected his rebirths and his current worldview – for those who believe in reincarnation, this may be interesting spiritual food for thought.  This is not a book for skeptics, as he speaks of things like mystical initiations, energy healings, and Atlantean/Lemurian/alien civilizations with completely unquestioning acceptance. The alien planets he describes seem rather suspiciously Earthlike – their people, while they may be differently-colored and -proportioned, and live in more idealized societies which have perfected skills like energy healing and vibrational manipulations, are still quite physically humanoid and have recognizable humanlike motivations, goals, and relationships. (It may just be, of course, that more truly alien lives are not readily reviewable or re-callable by a human brain.)

Also, despite the variety of his lives, his relating of them gets rather monotonous in places – he tends to follow a regular pattern of describing his social situation, family life, and job, and then talking about a major spiritual experience which almost always consists of a profound realization that comes to him either in the middle of the night or during a walk outside. The spiritual advice and guidance this book provides to others is rather general but not unhelpful – practice loving-kindness, nonviolence, and non-attachment to worldly things, seek help from spiritual guides, and engage in regular spiritual practice aimed at reuniting oneself with the Divine.

IN SEARCH OF LOST LIVES is an epic journey through one mind and soul’s spiritual development over thousands of lives.

~Catherine Langrehr for IndieReader


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