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By Monique Gliozzi

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HUNTED is an engrossing crime drama that’s enhanced by its luxurious locales.
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Danger and intrigue invades the Swiss Alps when a wanted killer takes refuge in the sleepy town of Grindelwald.

Peter Steil has just pulled off the perfect triple murder; after killing his wealthy parents, he framed his twin brother for the crime, who unfortunately also had to be killed once he started piping up about his innocence. Now, with all that behind him, Peter is living the good life in the seclusion of the Swiss Alps in his cozy cabin. In such a remote location, he feels certain that the authorities can’t trace him, and begins to build a life for himself, getting a job as a helicopter pilot. But little does he know there are several people who lie awake at night dreaming of his capture, and who will stop at nothing to see him behind bars. As the net starts closing in, Peter must commit increasingly desperate acts of violence to cover his tracks. But it soon becomes apparent that the difference between the hunter and the hunted is not always so clear.

Author Monique Gliozzi keeps the pace moving along rapidly, with the help of  several sub-plots that keep things interesting. With so many different motivations for catching the killer, we are introduced to a dynamic array of characters: there’s Isabella, the beautiful and headstrong young detective eager to prove her worth; the charming Mason, a Texan staying in Grindelwald on vacation who unknowingly confronts the murderer; and Irma Trauber the inn-keeper, ignorant of the role she will ultimately play. Rather than feel overwhelming, the diverse personalities give HUNTED an almost Agatha Christie–like feeling, where multiple individuals ultimately collide in a climactic finale. Each character is distinct, resulting in a story that feels cohesive and more alluring because of the complimentary moving parts.

Although the idea of a criminal hiding out in a remote area is nothing new, it’s the striking locations in HUNTED that will grab the reader’s attention and dazzle the imagination. There’s something about the brisk, cold air of the treacherous alps that feels new and invigorating; the stakes seem higher in such a rugged part of the world. Likewise, the diversions to sumptuous venues in Milan elevate the reading experience to one of seductive but dangerous grandeur, especially when the tension erupts into a frightening showdown during an elite gathering. For a villain like Peter Steil, we couldn’t expect anything less.

HUNTED is an engrossing crime drama that’s enhanced by its luxurious locales.

~Tara Mcnabb for IndieReader

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