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By Jeb Stewart Harrison

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HACK is a well-written, deftly paced and heartwarming tale, featuring an unforgettable main character and his quest to have it all.
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HACK, the tale of one artist’s crazy plan to skyrocket his career, get the girl, and live happily ever after!

HACK tells the story of Henry “Hack” Griffin, an artist known for painting the California landscape. Well, maybe Hack isn’t exactly known. But he has a plan to change that – and it’s crazy enough that it just might work.

At forty-five years old, Hack has met with minimal success. Generally unfulfilled, Hack spends his days self-destructing and his nights dreaming of past romances, especially Hadley, the childhood love who got away. Hadley is suddenly driven back into his life when she visits the gallery showcasing Hack’s work. Unfortunately, she has come with her husband, “Razor” Rick Morgan, former rock star and current multimedia mogul. Morgan is looking to purchase some landscapes for a new property, but he refuses to pay a penny more than necessary for Hack’s work. Hack is forced to confront the truth: he’s a middle-aged starving artist, pining after a woman married to a millionaire. It then occurs to him that there is a way to increase the value of his paintings and, at the same time, catapult him to wealth in the process: death. Convinced his plan to earn love and fortune is foolproof, Hack soon executes his plan, and it isn’t long before the world believes poor Henry Griffin has died in an apparent car accident. In the wake of his demise, Hack’s paintings increase in value—and the vultures begin to circle. Not surprisingly, Hack’s problems only get worse after his death.

Over the course of the novel, Hack must deal with the consequences of this unconventional plan and confront his own destructive behavior. Will Hack’s “postmortem” exploits lead him to self-acceptance and contentment, or will he forever chase an unattainable notion of happiness? Featuring an eclectic cast of colorful characters, HACK proves that achieving one’s dreams requires a bunch of creativity, a dash of humor, and a whole lot of nerve.

Readers looking for an engaging, humorous lead with a wacky plan to succeed will certainly enjoy reading about Hack and his adventures. HACK is a fast, enjoyable read that will leave readers shaking their heads at Hack’s antics while rooting for him to pull it all off.

HACK is a well-written, deftly paced and heartwarming tale, featuring an unforgettable main character and his quest to have it all.

~Jennifer Noll for IndieReader


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