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GOD’S GREATEST MIRACLE: A Tale of Two Little Angels

By Jean-Michel Polyakov

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GOD’S GREATEST MIRACLE: A Tale of Two Little Angels is a well-told Christian fairy tale concerning reincarnation and the need to give and receive universal love.

The story of two angels sent from Heaven and the effect they have on earth as they spread the word of unconditional love.

In heaven, a very long time ago, at the Institute for the Creation of New Essence Personalities, angels Michael and Raphael notice something special about the two new angels they have made. A little boy and a little girl, a pair both cast from the same angel mold that, though both still individual essences, to the unfocused eye seemed to merge into one being just for a split second. It’s a unique occurrence and enough for the guiding angels to pay close attention to their development. After thirty-three angel months and the completion of Human Training School the two are sent to earth to be reborn as humans. They are both very different yet somehow eternally united. On earth they live separate lives, their angel-egos suppressed as they grow as children. Though illness and tragedy will befall them, they reunite as a prince and princess and create a special institute to aid human development and promote universal consciousness.

Author Jean-Michel Polyakov describes GOD’S GREATEST MIRACLE as a “teaching tale” and one that has been passed down through his family since it was told to a distant relative by a dying Orthodox Pope during the time of Catherine the Great. And at the heart of this slim book is a simple story that touches on reincarnation, the need to give and receive unconditional love and whether an individual can be born good or evil. There is also a story within the story about a traveler coming across the two angels and this character becomes “the Storyteller” who is tasked to spread the word of the sacred pair.

The fairy tale elements of the story are well handled, evoking classic elements of mystical lands including castles with bejeweled walls and bountiful gardens. Polyakov suggests the book is targeted at middle schoolers and above, though the vocabulary and numerous overly-complicated explanatory asides seem more akin to a book aimed at adult readers. The author suggests that younger readers may prefer an abridged version recounted to them and perhaps the best use of the book would be to use it as the source for a story that can be retold by adults to younger readers in the tradition of oral storytellers or as the basis for a series of sermons or Sunday school lessons. In this way the tale of GOD’S GREATEST MIRACLE can continue to be passed on as promised by the author’s fore-bearers.

GOD’S GREATEST MIRACLE: A Tale of Two Little Angels is a well-told Christian fairy tale concerning reincarnation and the need to give and receive universal love.

~Kent Lane for IndieReader

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